Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Kweeny's Recap of H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon!

This last weekend I got the chance to go to my first film festival. And it wasn't just any film festival. I went to the  H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon!

I didn't know what to expect when I got there, and I sadly missed half the festival. They had a really cool Speakeasy event on Thursday, but since I don't live in Portland it can be hard to get up there. My friend went and said it was fabulous, and people all dressed in 1920's fashion to keep with the Lovecraft theme. However, I did get there for Saturday and Sunday, and me and my friends watched many wonderful short films. The films were mostly really good. The odd one or two needed more fleshing out but nothing I saw was outright bad. I had my favorites of course, like Cool Air, Hum, The Stomach and The Littlest Cthulhuist.

Cool Air was a wonderful retelling of the short story by H.P. Lovecraft. They went out of their way to make it really feel like the 1920's too! I was impressed with everything.

Hum was a creepy short about how sound can drive someone completely mad. Having PTSD, I have felt similarly to how the poor lady felt in the film.  I can be triggered by sound sometimes, and it feels like it is killing you from the inside out. This film was well done.

The Stomach was a really creepy concept of a medium who holds spirits in his belly, and people talk through a tube he puts in his mouth to the spirits. It doesn't end well let's just put it that way.

And The Littlest Cthulhuist was hilarious! It was a fake documentary about families who are practicing "Cthulhu Witnesses". Things get out of hand of course, because one of the teachings of the Cthulhu Witnesses is, "We don't get mad. We get even!"

In between films I got the chance to wander around and check out the small village of booths with amazing art, all dark and inspired by monsters. I didn't have much money to buy anything, but I was impressed with a lot of the stuff I saw.

I also got the chance to hug and meet Jeffery Combs, which made my event! He is super charming and sweet. I would love to see him in more films, even if they aren't horror. We went to the viewing of Reanimator, which was the first time I have seen it on a big screen. It was great to hear people laugh at the same points I do. After the film Jeffery Combs did a great QA with the audience. He really appreciates the horror genre, but he did sound like he wished he could get more work. Acting is a hard gig, so I have nothing but respect for him.

I would highly recommend the film festival, especially if you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft. It is an amazing event, full of monsters and creeping dread! Perfect way to spend the beginning of October!

Happy Halloween month monsterkids! I will be back with more creepy goodies, so stay tuned to the blog!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


The horror world was rocked this week when we found out one of our beloved creators, Wes Craven, died. It was a shock too a lot of us. I know I personally was so devastated I had a good cry about it, and I needed time to formulate my thoughts on the matter. Wes was not just a filmmaker. He was one of us. He was a lover of the horror genre and fought his cancer bravely. He will be deeply missed.

I talked about my feelings a little bit on Archivists Bet On Sexy Witches, a podcast I co-host with my other fellow Witches. We all shared our feelings about him, and I was in awe how deeply the horror community was touched by this. We all have come together in one form or another to share our feelings on Wes, because whether you like his films or not, you cannot deny his impact on the genre as a whole. Personally, I think he was a brilliant man, who showed us the power of nightmares made flesh.

Speaking of nightmares made flesh, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Wes Craven movies with you. These movies shaped me as a kid. Watching them late at night when I was supposed to be sleeping was one of my favorite pastimes. Hell, sometimes my mother would watch them with me anf forget to punish me for staying up.

I do get my love of horror from her.


5. Scream

When Scream came out it reinvented the slasher genre, while at the same time giving us great satire. It was gory, funny, and had some amazingly shot kills. One thing Wes was good at was framing a scene, and many scenes in this movie are really great to watch. Plus, the twist ending made the movie live on in slasher history.

4. People Under The Stairs

I love this film for it's weirdness. It has some amazing acting and over-the-top shit like the S&M family relationship. As things unravel we get some really good commentary on child abuse, and I still get chills watching poor Alice clean up after her "parents". The family is downright creepy, and it definitely teaches you that you may be able to break into a house, but you might not find a way out alive after.

3. Last House On The Left

This film is a hard one to sit through for many reasons. It has a great soundtrack and powerful imagery, but it's really not a gentle film. I mean, you know things are going to be bad when the two teens in this film come across some escape convicts who are in the mood to be assholes. The torture and rape in this film is hard to stomach, but I applaud Wes for not pulling punches with it. He shows it ALL. The twist with the parents exacting revenge is well done and really satisfying.

2. The Hills Have Eyes

I put this one above Last House On The Left because I honestly enjoyed it more for the weird, cannibalistic family. It's one of those vacation-horror films that really makes you wonder about people who live in the mountains. There is a strong commentary on suburban folk as well, and how they demonize those they don't understand. Of course, in this case they have a right to be afraid. This time. The kills in this movie as brutal-as-fuck, but that's why I love Wes. He doesn't hold back when he unleashes horrors on you.

1, Nightmare On Elm Street

I know it's probably cliche, but I love this movie best of all. I think out of all his movies, it is the most creative and inventive, and I still get shivers watching Freddy Krueger stalk Tina Grey. There are some really beautifully horrible scenes, like Tina in the body bag, that just stick with me. I watched this at a really young age, and I still remember how afraid I was to sleep after. Krueger is a monster, through and through, and though he becomes more lovable as the series goes on, I never forgot that he was a child-killing bastard who just wanted to hurt people.


So those are a few of my favorite Wes Craven movies. He will live on among us monster kids in our dark dreams. What are some of your favorite movies? I think I am going to watch The Hills Have Eyes tonight. I haven't seen that movie in years. RIP Wes Craven. Thank you for all the nightmares.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Kweeny's Gencon Recap!

Wanna play a game?
I just got back from Gencon 2015 last week, and boy am I exhausted! With flying there and back and then having 4 days of gaming and con shenanigans makes a Kweeny extremely drained. Been resting most the day, and now I think I am ready to right a little something on my experience. So here is my recap of my fourth year at Gencon!
Me as Billy hanging out with this awesome cosplayer! The costume had a working mouth and sound effects! 
One of the fun things I like to do is find the horror fans among the gamers when I go to Gencon. This year I did it by cosplaying my Billy costume. Having someone come up to me and go, "Jigsaw! Cool outfit man!" or take my picture, made it easy to find fellow freaks. Gencon doesn't have much of a presence for horror, but it isn't against it either! Which is why they allow horror films in their film festival, and why I see the people who run  H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon had a booth in the dealers room, and I bought a bumper sticker for my new car. Because my car needs horror bling on it. All day, everyday.

Faith Above All!
But back to the cosplay, this year was full of amazing cosplayers! The eclectic mix of cosplayers was spectacular, and all of them brought their A game. Everyone from comic book heroes, anime characters and people wearing original costumes from LARP characters they play (like my hubby and I did). 
My hubby in his Mewie costume. He won a HAll Costume Contest award!
There was some great panels too. Everything from workshops on how to make chainmail, LARP dungeon crawls, miniature gaming, board gaming...the list goes on! It is really overwhelming how much stuff is packed into one convention. I couldn't even do 25% of all the things happening at the con. I wanted to go and do the costume contest and film fest, but I was burnt out from dealing with all the people. There were lots of people. Like a constant moving sea of fleshy-geek bodies (some of which are a bit ripe) so I took a lot of downtime to keep up with everything.

Playing Arctic Scavengers at the Rio Grande room.
One of the really fun highlights of my con experience was at the Cosplay Deviants panel! They do a show every year that is a "Game show for adults" were they get people to play sexy games (all of it done tastefully I might add). Hilariously, I won another prize this year, and I gave the adorable plushie to my Goddeess-Child Athena. 

She made me pretty proud this year, because she kept hanging out with the horror cosplayers:

That's my girl. ;)

Thanks for all the good times Gencon! Hopefully I will stalk your halls again next year! 
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