Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Kweeny Creeps into Cryptcon!

I need more horror conventions in my life!

I almost didn't make it this year to Crypticon Seattle, due to budget constraints. But I did, and got to hang out for a day. I dressed up as the puppet Billy from Saw, and I really love it when fans come up to me and ask for my photo. I got a lot of photos taken! And I am pleased with how well my make up came out this year!

But best of all, was hanging with all the horror professionals I could. I got to finally meet people like The Soska Sisters and Jessica Cameron. I also got to hang with people from Living Dead Magazine, and I even had dinner Saturday with my boss from the mag.

This is the biggest horror con I have gone to this side of the border, and I have to say, it was a lot of fun. Being around the energy of fellow horror fans, professionals, and such was really rewarding. I wish I could have done more, seen more stuff, but I only had a day to take in a three day con. I loved being around all the horror lovers, going to panels, watching Model Hunger with my boss, making people jump when they saw my red eyes, and I feel really inspired thanks to the Canadian Lady Filmmakers I met. All of them were really supportive, and when I told them I am trying to make my own film, they gave me the motivation back I lost when I ended up in the hospital. Things have been extremely difficult creatively since, but I am not giving up.

So Crypticon, thank you for being a wild, awesome horror experience. Hopefully next year I can do more!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Kweeny Reviews: WOLFCOP

I'm really pleased to see more werewolf horror movies coming out. With movies like Female Werewolf (which I am dying to get a hold of and see) and the movie I am reviewing today WOLFCOP, more of my furry friends are showing audiences that werewolves are just as interesting as any other classic monster. And this one is Canadian made! Home grown werewolf love! *howls*

Wolfcop is pure cheese though. Not that cheese is bad, I love a good silly horror film like the next guy. And Wolfcop doesn't pull punches. The plot is groan worthy, with a deadbeat cop named Lou Garou (Oh no! Is he possibly going to be transformed into a werewolf? I NEVER SAW IT COMING) ...who gets wrapped up in a case of weird dark rituals that turn him into the beast. Then he gets hunted by this cult of shapeshifters, who need his blood to be immortal. With his friend Willie the gun shop owner, and his partner Tina, they hunt down the cult before the can finish what they started.

Yeah, that is pretty much it. But because of how this movie is filmed, how everyone completely hams it up for the camera, and how silly the effects get at times, I had a great time watching it! The movie was self aware about it's shlock, and I don't mind watching a werewolf cop drink beer and shoot up bad guys! They never once shy away from gore or a silly punchline, which really gave this movie a Troma-esk feel. Lloyd Kaufman would be proud!

And I have to say, this movie has one of the greatest crazy sex scenes ever put on screen! Most of the movie has heavy metal or rap music, but one song stood out from all the rest. The werewolf cop makes love to someone to the tune of Moonlight Desires by Gowan! FUCKING GOWAN! You know you are a Canadian who was raised in the 80's when you recognize Gowan songs! I laughed my ass off watching this scene, so honestly, the movie is worth watching for that alone!

Check out this video of Gowan singing Moonlight Desires to get a feel for what I am talking about:

My heart is all a flutter! Just look at that mullet! /sarcasm 


Wolfcop is a fun, silly werewolf film that knows just how far to go with the camp. Which in my opinion, is all the way! Never do a campy horror flick half assed. Full ass it, or don't bother!


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

On Chronic Werewolves, Larping, and Sexy Witches

Well my life has been quite the roller coaster lately readers. Lots of different things have been taking my time away from blogging. I've been working on my health issues lately, and even started a blog where I document some of my thoughts on things. If you are curious about that, you can follow the link to my blog called Diary of a Chronic Werewolf. I talk personally about mental and physical aliments I suffer from. Living a life with chronic afflictions is hard.

Larp has been eating a big chunk of my time too, as I am in like 4 different Larps currently! I think I might need to cut down on all the Larping. I did however just finish an awesome Larp experience last weekend called SPITE. It's a sci-fi Larp that really makes you feel like you are in a warzone fighting aliens. I played an android named Kink. She was as pretty as a doll.

And then finally I have joined forces with a few of my favorite ladies of horror to start a geek podcast called Archivists Bet on Sexy Witches! We just finished a 2 hour long episode on Disney Villains! Listen in if you wanna hear who my favorite Disney Villains are!

I have more plans for posts in the future, and may even get back into Vlogging again. People really seemed to like my "Shit People Say to Women Who Like Horror" video. Plus, I can get out my wolf hat again. I do love wearing my wolf hat.

See you on the flip side Monster Kids.

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