Monday, 17 November 2014


One of the cool things about being a reviewer is when you get to check out new horror movies, merch and other assorted goodies. I feel really honored when people reach out to me and ask me to review their stuff, but I don't always have the time to do everything that I get asked to review. I always make an effort though if someone is willing to send me something directly, as I consider that payment. They made an effort to give me a piece of their art, and since they took the time, so will I.

And you guys know I need more horror decor in my life. Always.

I recently got a really cool bit of merch to review from Sick and Tiled. The company makes horror tiles of all kinds. Some are quotes you can mount on the wall (I got one of these as a gift from my awesome boss at Living Dead Magazine recently, and it's super cool) and others are like coasters, which is what I got in the mail.

Since I happen to have two of their products, each a little different from the other, I am going to discuss them both. First, I will discuss the quoted tile I got as a gift. The mount on the back of the tile is secured on tightly, so there isn't a worry it will fall off with bad glue or anything like that. And tiles themselves are made of solid marble, and glazed with a shiny finish. The quoted tile is clear enough to read and doesn't look lazily printed on. It's crisp and beautiful, and you can see in this photo the quality I am speaking of:

I really like the quoted tiles, and if I could, I'd have a few more around my house. But if I am honest with you guys, the tile that impresses me the most is this beautiful coaster replica of the Hellraiser Puzzle box:

Just look at how meticulously this was made! The puzzle box designs are not easy to replicate, as any fan would tell you. It's marbled and glazed as well, protecting the amazing detail put into the re-production of one of the puzzle boxes sides. I even love that it's a little rough around the edges. It gives the coaster character. I love this piece so much. Not just because I am a Hellraiser nerd, but because of how much love and attention to detail this artist put into creating the coaster.

Do check out Sick and Tiled's awesome site and Facebook page, and look at their huge collection of tiles. Wouldn't it be cool if you could buy an entire set and cover a table in them?

Now if you excuse me, I need to drink something epic to put on top of my puzzle box coaster, like a skull goblet full of the blood of many “shaved” throats...

...Or maybe just some coffee in my Jack Skellington mug and a plate full of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. wink

Saturday, 1 November 2014


I know I haven't done many blog posts this year, but there is a good reason for that. This year, I needed to focus more on "playing". I usually can balance work and pleasure together during this holiday, but I have been having a really rough year. The blog has suffered for that, and more over, my personal life has suffered the most.

I almost didn't have Halloween at all for many personal reasons I won't get into here. But with the help of my friends who are amazing people who seem to genuinely love that the macabre and horrific make me so very happy. Halloween is a special time of year, and I celebrate all month long. I've been posting on some of my social media sites, so it's not like I haven't done ANYTHING:

For instance, I went to a pumpkin patch with my friend and carved some amazing pumpkins with other friends...

I really love pumpkin carving!

 Made this cute little beast for my girlfriend who's in India! She loves Halloween ALMOST as much as I do. I like that it both looks like a demon and a fox, and has a cute devious quality...just like she does. ;)

And my friend Cass made me a bitchen Punk-thulu! Even left for me as a prezzie to put out with the others! I have a pumpkin patch of my very own!

And my friend Cass made me a bitchen Punk-thulu! Even left for me as a prezzie to put out with the others! 

And dis is mah pumpkin RAWR!
Pumpkin family!
I have a pumpkin patch of my very own!

I also go some awesome gifts, like these sweet Beetlejuice inspired sleep pants, and other amazing stuff..

This should become a tradition! Frighttown is an awesome Haunted house experience! 
A little gift for the spiritual side of Samhain.

I had a friggen blood bath with my friend Megan for her Carrie White costume. This was her practicing for a party we are going to Saturday Nov 1st.We just got a LITTLE too excited about it:

My first attempt as Billy!

I went to a Birthday party on Devil's night for another dear friend dressed as Billy...

And then I finished my Halloween off right by watching SAW with my husband in theaters. I went to the 10 year anniversary showing of SAW...and it was AWESOME. Not only that, I went as a very familiar face. I think the more I do the make up, the better it becomes. I also literally scared the crap out of folks who saw me, and got huge props from fans who took my picture and talked to me.

I guess I really am a horror cosplayer now. :)

And of course, I spent the month doing the HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MARATHON MADNESS, and my team has been rocking it this year. I named our team Team Suzie, after the doll in the movie May. I love that movie. It holds a special place in my heart because my actual real middle name is May.

We were quite into the theme this year, hence my dressing up as Billy, and we had a lot of fun. I think my team might have had too much fun, because weird shit like this kept happening:
My team and the Head dolls. Yup, it happened. One of my team members made this and I have to give her credit for making my doll have fangs. ;)
So all things considered, I got A LOT of shit done! LOL! I just focused more on trying to have fun with Halloween, as my year had been so stressful that I just wanted to embrace my inner child and feed her all month long the candy of the spirit of Halloween. I got one more party tomorrow...and then it's done. At least the SEASON is done. Halloween will live on for me throughout the year of course. It's more than a holiday, especially for a horror fan like me. It's a way of life.
My decorations stay up ALL YEAR!

 Hope you all had awesome Halloween adventures too! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Phobia (2014)

Today I got around to watching Phobia, a film by Quiet Box Productions. I found the trailer rather intriguing, and I really do love stories about people's decent into mental illness. Prefect viewing material for the holiday season, don't you think?

*kicks a door that rattles behind her* Hey! I told you to keep it down in there Sweeney! Your singing is driving me batty! I'm trying to do a review! Demons, I tell yeah...

*coughs* What was I saying again? Right, I like movies about crazy people!

Phobia is a strange movie, with some very interesting themes and scenes. There is some stuff to it I found rather jarring or didn't like, like the whimsical sounding song choice for the beginning and end credits. It just sounded too upbeat for such a dark film with subject matter like mental illness. But maybe that's the point. Sometimes things don't make sense when your crazy. There were a few other problems I had with the film but I will get to those soon.

For the most part, I enjoyed it. The story is of a grieving man with agoraphobia who has been trapped in house for over a year, and slowly, things go from bad to worse. He's on some heavy duty medications, so it's no wonder that the guy slowly slips into hallucinations and other weirdness. Not many folks visit him either. He has his doctor come and check on him, a friend named Taylor, and a lady who is paid to bring him his groceries, Bree. Other folks that show up are just delusions in his head. At points he thinks he sees a spooky wraith of a woman (who grows spider legs out of her back at one point), a strange man with veins all over his body and his dead wife, who comes in many forms. One covered in blood with scars from her autopsy.

Needless to say our main character Johnathan, has issues.

What I was really impressed with was the camera work and acting. Johnathan, played by Michael Jefferson, is brilliant and steals the show. Of course the main focus is on him, seeing as he is trapped in his head and inside his house, but still. The guy has acting chops. He convinced me he was suffering, and I am a recovering agoraphobic. After my mother's suicide in 2002, I locked myself away for a year or so. When you are agoraphobic, you think the only safe place is inside because you can control the inside world. Johnathan captured that pretty well I'd say, but his mental illness goes beyond that. He starts seeing shit, doing weird shit, the whole bit. I loved his character, and he really makes this story work.

Some of the shots and scenes in the movie are actually really well done too. Others, seemed like they dragged too long, but still were framed beautifully. The use of shadows and lighting really made things feel confined at times and stuffy, which helped add to the atmosphere. Sadly I don't think the poster actually represents what this film is about, as there is only one scene that has anything to do with spiders in it and looks nothing like this. And some of the scenes were really slow. They could have been cut down or taken out completely and the film would be great. While I wouldn't say this film was prefect, as I found the ending a little heavy handed (not on Johnathan's part, but after...You'll see if you watch it), I do think overall it was a pretty solid film. This is the first feature film of Director Rory Abel.

Give Phobia a shot, but just remember, we all die. 
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