Tuesday, 10 September 2013

It's Time! BOOK TOUR!

My dear friend Jeremy Hawkins is taking over my blog today for his awesome BOOK TOUR! Read on and all will be revealed dear readers! And don't forget to check out his books! 


Celebrity Story – Angus Scrimm

Running late to this “Weekend of Horrors (1993)” convention knowing there were a handful of great horror film celebrities waiting for our show to arrive. We ran into this converted hockey rink looking for the contact we had made, making our apologies and hearty greet we were on the move. I think I had a second before I was to my first celebrity star of “Tallman, Phantasm” series Angus Scrimm. Over the years fans have come to love him for his gentle and kind manner, he was no different with me. Setting the greets we started the interview I had my questions in hand and lump in my throat, I asked… Angus answered.

Interview went on for about 10 minutes when I knew we had 5, that is showbiz I guess and we were right thick of our chat. I like to call them chats really, because I never like to feel like we were different. Angus was is and shall always be a cool man, now I am sure you are wondering if somehow this went bad or I made some rude comment. Nope not this time, only problem when we got done and said farewells I realized I was still wearing my stupid jacket. Since this wasn’t about me, it was not a problem… just looked really silly and it showed.

Look at next your date calendar people, it might give you a hint to who the next encounter I may have had on my tour. So thank you to Queenie for letting me share my story and to you all for being here. Please follow the tour and maybe I can interest you in entering the giveaway, come you know you want to.


It's a four book series 40 pages each and it is the art/design from things I had designed over the years. It's a mish-mash of things that I had seen in my head... and some are future designs that will become shirts. Places I wanted to go artistically as you travel from where I was to where I am now. Is it great journey!  Titles came from the idea of time "12:34, 35, 36 and 37” seems that is when my best ideas came to me... day or night. It's funny I never considered myself a "writer" just a man who likes to paint a canvas if it be words or my art/design.

Art from Jeremy's books

Giveaways: Some great prizes being given away please stop over at my main page “BEING RETRO” and look just below the header for the “It’s Time” Tour Giveaway link and enter today.

Thank You, for letting me play host and to all who took the “time” to read this… you are all the best.

Jeremy Hawkins
Being Retro

Art from Jeremy's books
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  1. Glad that interview went well! Scrimm is a cool dude. I remember seeing Phantasm in the theater back in the day and it was very creepy.

  2. Love Angus Scrimm. Great celebrity story.

  3. Chats with Jackets. Is that a new band?
    Great story again, Phantasm was pretty awesome.

    1. Sounds like a great name, I have another story about Phantasm... I hope to get to.


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