Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What's Going on in Kweeny's Magic Gory Kingdom?

I thought I'd make a little post to keep my peeps up to speed with what I'm going to be up to in the next couple months. My favourite time of year is coming: Halloween! Trust me, I am all excited like a little kid. I love this time of year. I celebrate Halloween, Samhain, and Dias del los Muertos, mostly because I can but also because while I have fun with all the horror stuff that happens during this time of year, I am very spiritual too. This is a very powerful time for pagans. I honor my dead relatives and ancestors at this time as well as try to enjoy the tasty candy I can get a low low prices.

And of course, I plan to share my adventures with you readers! So throughout the month of October I plan to be doing  some awesome Halloween madness! All month long!

I'll be starting the festivities on Sept 30th with a Zombie Walk:


The lovely Autumn Forest is hosting this fun little event over at Ghost Hunting Theories. And then I'm gonna go right into daily posts about Halloweeny themed goodness! I'm gonna be a Cyrptkeeper! It's part of the sacred duty! I'll have fun contests and stuff! You'll wanna keep you're eyes peeled!

So I hope you'll join me to see what crazy madness I'm scribbling about during the holiday! Because kids, this is Halloween, and Kweeny does it hardcore!


  1. You're probably the only person in existence who enjoys Hallowe'en more than I do. ^__^

    It's exactly the sort of thing I dig, because it's what some sociologists refer to as a 'ceremony of inversion'- we get to dress and act in ways we don't allow ourselves at any other time. (Well, on a societal level, anyway.) Same reason I love April Fool's day, and why I wish we'd reinstate the Festum Fatuorum, or Feast of Fools- it'd be perfect for blowing off steam mid-December, which'd in turn make the holidays a lot less stressful!

    I just wish I had either the money or the talent to produce a properly compelling costume.

  2. I love Halloween too! It's so awesome to across people who share the love for Halloween probably more than I do!

    That's great that you're doing the zombie walk, I always wanted to do one but I always miss out. :[


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