Wednesday, 2 May 2012

MMM: Kweeny's Monster Tattoo

I'm sure you've heard me talk about my tattoo's before, but I haven't really posted pictures of any of them here. No intentionally anyhow. And since it is May Monster Madness, I thought I'd share the first monster tattoo I ever got. My tattoo of the Furies.

I got this tattoo in 2008. I got an inheritance from my grandfather, and since I was supposed to do something nice for myself with it, I got this. It's based off of artwork done by the artist Boris Vallejo. This is the original picture I asked the artist to use to inspire my Furies:

Bitchen am I right? But there is a deeper reason why I chose these particular creatures, and why I had to have them look like this, and not what they traditionally looked like in Greek mythology. Before I get into why I needed to put these monstrous women on my arm, let me explain a little what the Furies are. In case you might not be up on your Greek myths.

A picture of my Furies after I just got them. 10 hours of pain in total. Ah Yeah! 
The Furies (also known as the Erinyes) were creatures of the underworld. They were creatures of vengeance personified. They were always women, or at least mostly women, and they sometimes even worked against the gods themselves. The power they held was specific but potent. A formulaic oath in the Iliad invokes them as "those who beneath the earth punish whosoever has sworn a false oath" They basically punish all those who swear false oaths, but specifically they get angry about matricide and patricide. The word Erinyes actually translates to "The Avengers". If you break your word, or kill your parents, expect them to come knocking on your door. Sometimes with dog heads. Sometimes with serpents in their hair. Sometimes dripping blood from their eyes. Sometimes with bat wings...

There are many Furies, but three made themselves prominent in the mythology that was written. These three are the ones I put on my arm, and these three have the most meaning for me. They are Alecto (Unceasing Anger, also known as the "Unnamable One"), Megaera (Grudging, The Jealous One), Tisiphone (Vengeful Destruction). Their names, and meanings of their names alone should give you a hint at the terror they caused. They were not kind, gentle beings, even though they were sometimes referred to as "The Kindly Ones". People called them that in the same as how people called the Fae kindly, as an appeasement. They feared their wrath and thought to name them pretty things to placate them, or avoid their notice.

As you can see, I love the stories of the Furies. I have researched them for years, and wish I could find more on their cults. In ancient Greece there were plenty of cults. Sadly there has been no reconstruction of said cults by Greek re-constructionists. Probably because now a days, The Furies are not as sexy as some of the other gods, like Aphrodite. Though have you seen that bitch Aphrodite mad? That's not a pretty sight I can assure you.

So the question remains:


To make a long story short: I have some heavy trauma in my past that has given me rage issues. I used to have terrible rage issues. Now I can contain it to the occasional rant and other more healthy methods. I don't stick my fist through people's faces anymore. You wouldn't think to look at me, this short, Rubenesque creature, would have the ability to do such things. But trust me, I have quite the fiery wrath. I'm kinda like one of those Critter creatures when pissed off. Or like a Gremlin...Don't feed me after midnight. I was a Fury myself in the old days, causing havoc, living dangerously and recklessly. I didn't have much respect for myself, let alone anyone else. Studying the Furies, and later tattooing them on my arm has lead me to find more self control, more peace with myself. I am intense. I am fiery. I am infernal when enraged. I know these things about myself. I also know it's my responsibility to find healthy ways to cope with it. I don't have the right to inflict myself on others. I will ride the beast of my anger. Not it ride me.

I'm also better at not giving a fuck about the stupid, petty shit. I've learned to have more of a sense of humor about the world, and all the fuckwads that annoy me.

I also know there is a time and a place the Furies are needed. Sometimes people NEED to be put in their place. Sometimes someone SHOULD speak out when people are being turdmuffins. This is the reason why when I found the Boris painting of them, I had to have a rendition of it specifically on my arm. I didn't need it to look exactly like the Greek Myths, because I wanted to show the power, beauty, and strength the Furies have taught me in my life. That having rage is not wrong, not abnormal, and people need to honor their Furies within them. Ignoring it, bottling it, any number of unhealthy things is not going to make it go away. If you are mad, you have a right to your anger. You also have a responsibility to find ways to deal with it that are constructive instead of destructive.

So there you have it. The story of my monstrous beauties. I'm just embracing the Fury within.

(PS: Images like the animated one there make me stupidly happy when I'm mad. It's part of my therapy.)


  1. Love your tattoo, and LOVE that there is such a thoughtful, passionate, and profound meaning behind it. I knew about the Furies, but you've kinda made me love them after reading your post!

    1. Awesome! I think the Furies are underrated. ;)

  2. A Boris Vallejo tattoo . . . awesome. Great story behind it as well.

  3. Awesome tattoo! I love reading about why people get the tattoos they have.

  4. A. Maize. Ing. Post.

    I love tattoos with stories behind them, and yours is great on so many levels it just sort of makes me squeal with incoherent joy.

    And the grin on your face in that first photo? Priceless. I want to know the story behind THAT. Just kidding. Looks kind of like a personal moment. ; )

    1. Hehehe, that moment in the first pic was my wedding day. That's why I got that stupid goofy grin. When you marry the love of your life you should totally smile like that. :D

  5. Who cares what people think of your tattoos. They're there for a reason and you have a beautiful, special reason for it. Great job! :D

  6. That's some awesome ink. And that third picture? Wow.

    I personally never had rage issues until I had a second child. So maybe getting the Hulk tattooed on my calf would be theraputic?

    1. Oh man, if you do get the Hulk on your calf I wanna see that! I love the Hulk!


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