Thursday, 3 May 2012

MMM:Kweeny's Monster Concert

To continue the subject of the week, I decided to find some of the best Monster-Loven Rockers out there that embody the creepy, the ghoulish, the wonderfully terrible that is the creature of Monster. I'm sure you all have bands or songs you love for certain moods, and when I feel particuarly monstrous I have some music to fit the mood. Here is a collection of some of my favourite Monster songs that get me in the mood for a transformation scene.

Let's pretend I am having a MONSTER MUSIC CONCERT. The concept alone makes me giddy. I'd have to choose wisely, and make sure all the monster types were supported by music. If I I was going to have a concert of the damned for all my monster fiends out there, this would be the playbill:

I think we would open this show with a punch to the face. This is Arch Enemy singing "We Will Rise", and pretty much anything this woman sings sounds like demons are flying out her mouth. I LOVE HER. She's wild and untamed. She will help bring the spirit of demons to our show.

I can't have a list about monsters without OTEP. What kind of fangirl would I be? I chose this song "Ghostflowers" because of the imagery she uses in it. Give it a listen. I think you'll agree she understands monsters. She struggles with her inner ghosts, and this song proves it.

Let's bring it down a touch and add a little Disturbed to the mix. The song "Animal" is pretty much the song of the werewolf. It's primal and dark and torturous. I love it. Makes me want to rip off my human skin and go hunting.

Marilyn Manson has to be there. The dude is creepy personified.  I love his "I don't give a fuck, I do what I want!" attitude and he can pretty much sing anything and make it unnerving. So for this concert, let's have him sing "The Beautiful People" because he does all this growly shit with his voice. I think this song is prefect for those unnameable creatures.

And to slow things down a bit more and add a more vampiric edge to our concert, we will have the old school gothic rock of Bauhaus as they sing "Bela Lugosi's Dead." The classics never die, and Dracula would be pleased with Bela's performance. 

Next to grace the stage would be Rob Zombie singing "Super Beast." Why Super Beast? Why not "Living Dead Girl" or any number of songs this man sings about the dead? Because he IS a zombie, so let's have him sing a song about the hunger that comes over him. And we gotta have a Zombie in our concert. No better rocker Zombie out there in my opinion.

And we'd finish the concert with Alice Cooper singing "Feeding my Frankenstein." He's the granddaddy of shock rock. King of Monsters in my eyes. I've seen him 4 times in concert. He never, ever fails to entertain.

This is but a sampling of what I would have at a Monster Music concert. A gal could dream right? I could be at this all day, making a monster music playlist, but then I'd get nothing done. So I'll leave you these few humble offerings and hope they inspire a transformation in you. Go hunt my fellow monsters! Hunt down your inner bad ass.

PS: Thanks for all the awesome comments on my tattoo. It really meant a lot to me. <3


  1. Nice choices :)
    I love Bauhaus :)

  2. Oh, great - there goes my idea for today's MMM post. :)

    Seriously, great list.


    I'm just gonna leave this here. :D

  4. Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper. EPIC!! I saw them both in concert, back in 2010. They put on one Hell of a show.


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