Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Gory Kingdom's Moving Time!

Seems like everyone is moving right now! I move to Oregon and then all my friends start moving! It's nuts! No time for blogging! I wanted to do a Monster Maven post, but I have been dragged off to help my crew with their moving adventures. I just finished moving across two countries, I can handle cleaning out a couple of houses!

But I shall leave you with something awesome for the time being until I return. I have been watching my fav metal band of all time DETHKLOCK lately, catching up on season 3 of the show Metalocalypse, when my friend Phil sent this song to me from their second album. It helped motivate my ass this morning, I hope it helps you. It even has lyrics so you can sing along, and see how fucking METAL they are:

Rock on my horrific metal freaks! I'll be back in the next couple of days.

[edit] When I came home today from helping friends move I had a surprise in the mail. I just had to share it on my blog: 

I got my provisional permanent resident card today! Yes, you read that right. My card is only good for two years. But I can get my 10 year one in the next while to make it "more" permanent. Huzzah!

I and the Bear worked really hard to get this silly piece of plastic! Now I am an officially legal alien! WOOT! More horror-related posts to follow soon! Also, I have been inspired for a new section on the blog here, but I won't have time to really start it up until the weekend. Friends need moving and all. But when I come back I hope you readers like what I have in store! Stay tuned! [edit]

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  1. She's mine... ALLL MIIIINNEE... and yeah... Dethklok too.


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