Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Kweeny Does The Monster Mash!

Ah another awesome blog event! I love these things. They give me a reason to obsessively post, and in this case, I will be posting for 7 days on one of my favourite topics of all time: MONSTERS. Thank you to our lovely hostesses: Annie Walls, Little Gothic Horrors and WickED, forty blogs will be breaking out the good china for their Monster Mash!

So welcome to MAY MONSTER MADNESS! *Howls at the moon*

Dictonary.com defines a monster as:

mon·ster  [mon-ster] noun
1. a legendary animal combining features of animal and humanform or having the forms of various animals in combination, as a centaur, griffin, or sphinx.

2. any creature so ugly or monstrous as to frighten people.

3. any animal or human grotesquely deviating from the normal in shape, behavior, or character.

4. a person who excites horror by wickedness, cruelty, etc.

5. any animal or thing huge in size.

For those of you new to my blog, welcome to the Gory Kingdom! I'm Kweeny Todd, a monster in my own right, as well as a fiendish lover of monsters of all kinds. Feel free to look through the blog. I got tons of posts on the subject of monsters, as they are a passion of mine. I got some monstrous stuff in store for this week so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I will try to get over this stupid cold I got yesterday that's making me feel like a snot monster. UGH.

This is how I felt when I woke up yesterday.


  1. Ah... the dreaded snot monster! The vilest, most terrifying entity of them all! Feel better soon! :)

  2. awww my hubbys nickname in highschool was MONSTER and now he is My Monster:) suits him to a T
    Come over to my May Monster Madness blog and win a zombie doll

  3. hope you feel better soon, love!

  4. I hate the snot monster. I hope you start feeling better real soon! :)


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