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Genre Talk: Horror and Dr. Who?

I know. I have been a terrible horror fan. I've been on a Dr.Who kick, and thus, haven't been watching as many horror films. I'm trying to catch up with my friends who are hardcore Whovians. This new guy Matt Smith is still not winning me over like David Tenant did. David was just my favourite Doctor to date. But I'm trying to love it anyhow. The show is still great even without Tenant. I love Amy Pond as his new companion. Her hubby isn't too bad either, especially after he became "The Centurion" but anyhow...

Damn it, you're just not DAVID
So I thought to myself: "Self, if you don't do more horror stuff, you won't have anything to blog about!" Then it hit me.

Dr. Who may not be all about horror, but there is definitely enough horrific material to write a post about! It's full of monsters and creepy shit! Dr. Who loves to play with such natural fears in the most unnatural ways. Here, let me show you...

Kweeny's Favourite Dr.Who Monsters

Ah the weeping angels. These statues are creepy as fuck. When you first see them, they are just regular angels you'd see hanging around a church or something. But have you ever looked at one and thought, "Man, that thing is kinda unnerving. Good thing it can't hurt me."

What if it could. What if every time you blinked, they'd move in closer. But if you looked directly at them, they'd stop moving. Dealing with these guys is like having a staring contest where the prize is your life. And no, having them catch you is not a good idea. They'll devour you given the chance. That face above will be the last thing you see.

Another creepy ass critter is these guys. They are known as the Silence. They are like the thing you see in the corner of your eye, but you swear you didn't see anything. Then you look again, and it's in your face, hissing at you in this creepy voice. Telling you it has always been there, waiting, controlling humanity. You never remember them when you see them, as they have this mind control that wipes your memory. But you know you've seen something...

These mini Cuthuloid boogeymen are known as the OOD. They look creepy as fuck, but normally they are servants and harmless. The thing about these boogies is that despite their appearance, they are gentle creatures. They speak with a ball that glows when they wish to talk, and they are soft spoken. When their eyes go red though, something is terribly wrong, and you might wanna get out of their way. But mostly they are kindly and just want to take care of people. Their existence is to serve. Not much to look at though, unless you're a weirdo like me. I'd totally cuddle it.

These metal meatheads are known as Cybermen. These are old school monsters that came from older Dr.Who episodes. They've been brought back in the new series and given a bit of an upgrade. The story with these guys is they are humans forced into robot bodies and turned into slaves. YAY FUN! Metal bodies for everyone! Or as they are called in the show they were made into "Humans 2.0". Machine meets man folks, and all your cyborg dreams can come true. Only problem is, it's not YOUR cyborg dreams. But the overlord knows best right? Kinda a scary concept if you ask me. To be ruled by an overlord who forces you to give up your flesh. *shiver*

This creature is known as "The Empty Child" or to some of my friends "Gas Mask Kid". And he's not the only one of his kind. Basically, an outbreak of some sort turns people into the above. A gas masked empty being wandering around asking, "Are you my mummy?" The outbreak was caused by something called "nanogens" that reshape people into the first thing they found: The kid they first infected. The spooky part for me is how zombie-like they are. They don't rot or try to eat people, but they do change you and empty you out. That to me, qualifies as zombie.

And of course, we have the Dalaks! Can't make a proper list without these guys when talking about Dr.Who.. Dalaks don't look like much, but when they first appeared in the old Dr. Who show, they didn't have the effects budget they do now. So they made things with whatever they had lying around. The spectacular thing about the Dalaks is they are really fucking scary! Don't be fooled by their appearance. That's a big theme I find in the show. Appearances can be deceiving. 

These bastards are one of the Doctor's major enemies. They are an alien race that wiped out the Doctors race called the Time Lords. They want to take over the universe. Anyone not a Dalak is inferior and needs to be exterminated...

If the Doctor is afraid of them, you know they are bad news.

And that's my list! I know that it doesn't cover ALL the monsters of Dr.Who, but I would be here all night if I did. There's like fifty or so years of material to work with! But trust me, Dr.Who is all about the monsters! When the Doctor travels with his companions, it's all about discovering new worlds and new creatures! And a lot of the time, the creatures they find are the stuff made from nightmares. I love when other genres cross into horror, especially when they do it well.

And now I go off and EXTERMINATE a slice of pizza!


  1. Empty Child is definitely beast...or beasts!

  2. The Weeping Angels are my absolute favorite horrific characters from TV EVER! Pure genius, in my opinion.

    Are you going to see Silent House? I'm going to try this weekend. Can't wait!

    I added your button to my horror blog, Castle Macabre. =O)

  3. I think the Weeping Angels may well be Dr. Who's scariest critters in almost 50 years on the air.

  4. I love the Doctor (Who, that is...not Theda) and the "Dr. Who and the Daleks was one of my first childhood films ....Greatest alien race ever made ...Thanks to their creator, "Davros"... (and Terry Nation)
    I too did a few posts on the Daleks.... They are indeed "Monsters"... a bodiless brain in a mobile life-support / Armored Tank shrieking ..."Exterminate"

  5. I *love* the Daleks and I don't even know why, :-P - I even have a Dalek shirt and that's strange because I don't like to wear any shirt "advertising".

    I think David Tennant was my favourite Doctor out of the 3 (Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith) that I've seen but Amy Pond is of course the BEST companion! I'm a little biased there though, ;-). I can't get into Matt Smith as the Doctor, he just doesn't strike me as one.


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