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MMM Day 05: Kweeny Tells a Story...

I figured I'd share a little short story today! It's been a while, and I miss writing creatively. It's a rough draft, and it's very dark, with lightly erotic undertones too. It might be a little triggering. You've been warned. So with all that said, curl up with your favorite wolf-beast and read on while I tell you a Fairy Tale.


She wandered through the thick forest, her red-cloaked back like a crimson gash across dark foliage. Leaves crunched under her leather-booted soles, the laces done up all the way to her knees. She just polished them that night, just the way he liked it done. Little rituals were needed to please one of his kind. Little rituals she found great pride in doing correctly.

She moved swiftly but with purpose, the tail end of her cloak flapping behind her as the breeze caught it. A long black curl of hair peaked from beneath her hood, but she kept the rest of her face hidden. He liked that as well. He told her, "Women should remain mysterious. If they give too much of that away, they become meat. When they are meat..."

"They are devoured." She whispered softly out loud, and clutched her basket to her side.

As she reached the edge of the waterfall a sound scrambled behind her. Perhaps it was a small animal, like a rabbit or a squirrel. When she turned to look, nothing was there. Just darkness caressing the curves of trees, like hungry hands wanting to grope the bark and strip it naked. The darkness seemed deeper than it was when she first got here. A night of moonless black stretching across the land like a blanket of snow. But it was too wet for such things. The trees here were not wild forests she was familiar with. Here they were like a jungle, more vines and strange growth. Less pine and maple trees. Less familiarity. Winter here was never white.

When she turned around, he was already there drinking from the stream that lead to the waterfall. Her breath caught in her throat, and his eyes darted upwards to meet her gaze.

"You're late." His voice said softly into her mind, and she trembled a little. She pulled the cloak around herself tightly, to hide herself a little more. "I came though. Like before. Like I promised."

"True." She watched him lift his head and tilt to one side, a look of perplexity at her hiding herself from him. "Why so timid? It's not like I haven't seen you naked before."

Her face flushed and she swallowed hard, remembering their first night together. The savagery, the desire, "I know...I just...I got a chill."

He didn't buy it, but he let her have her dignity, for the moment. Those eyes kept their gaze locked on hers, the intensity of his stare overwhelming, "I see you have a basket there. Something to share with me?"

A slight cheeky smirk crossed her lips and she replied back, "Only if you can behave."

He chuckled at that, a strange sound she never thought she'd hear from him. But she liked it. He stepped toward her, his paws splashing in the stream. It was very shallow, just trickling down towards it's goal. Little pebbles shimmered within, as his paws walked deftly across.

"Behave? And how shall I behave for you then? Is there a proper way a wolf must behave for a lady?"

Something twinkled in his golden eyes. Something dark, dangerous and alluring. Something that promised many things, but would reveal none until he wanted to.

She knelt down to put the basket at her feet, her hand sliding in and out of the towels she'd wrapped her gift in. She palmed something in that instant, before setting it down in front of him. But she was sure he didn't see. If he did, he'd comment on it and possibly growl at her. Wolves are cunning creatures. Tricking them is never an easy task.

He sniffed the air as he approached her, and for a moment she had forgotten why she was here again. Her breath caught in her throat at his beauty. He was a large, powerful beast, with soft black fur the color of jet. Eyes like melted gold, pulled from flame but still sizzling. Muscled and strong, and twice the size of a normal wolf. She knew he was different, especially when he pinned her down and tore her clothes off the first time they met. She screamed so loud she thought surely someone would hear...

But not in a forest this dense, dark and far away.

After sniffling the basket, he lifted his gaze to her again and arched a brow, " bring me tribute?"

"I killed it myself." She said softly, and The Wolf seemed to smile.

"I can smell it. Recently even. Good job. Must have been hard for you. Seeing as you are still..."

"What?" She said defiantly, her back straightening, "A woman?"

He licked a fang playfully at her and replied with, "No, a human."

She inhaled softly, and he began pulling the towels off the basket with his teeth. Slowly he revealed the prize inside, a freshly torn out heart, still beating. The blood pooled in the bottom of the basket, barely contained by folded towels under the heart that soaked up the blood. He took note of the many slash marks in it and looked up at her suspiciously, "Didn't even dare to taste it?"

"Not a bite." She said softly, and waved her free hand at him, "It's all yours."

His eyes narrowed into slits and she saw his lip curl ever so softly, "I cannot give you what you seek. No matter how many hearts you give me. And I know who's heart this is."

She frowned and clenched the thing she palmed in her hand, holding it behind her back, "But you said..."

"I know what I said! But I told you, it's not that easy!"

Red screamed at him, " but I am already a murder! Already damned! I was damned the moment you took me in the forest! When you tore everything I had away from me! My innocence! My girlish youth! My hopes and dreams! YOU WILL GIVE THIS TO ME!"

He sighed, something very unlike a real wolf would do. Something only a creature beyond wolf and man could do with a wolf's lips. A human expression on a wolf's features. An expression of heartache.

"I know what I did. I am what I am. And you were just so..."

"Prefect." She said with her own slight growl. "I was prefect then. I am not no more."

The Wolf lowered his head, perhaps with a sense of shame. She couldn't tell. It seemed like a slight sorrow. Like he was struggling with something internally. She tightened her grip so hard around the thing in her hand she thought she'd snap it in two.

"You're still so prefect...just different. More like me...which is why I just cannot." He looked up at her, imploring with her. His golden eyes so beautiful, soft and almost kind, "Please Red. You've already done too much. But there is still hope, even now. Even after you killed your grandmother."

The rage boiled in her veins now. Hot like lava. She felt like her skin would turn crimson with it, matching the cloak she wore. She tore it off now and let him look at her, pulling the strings that fastened it at the neck and let it just drop at her feet.

She wore thigh-high stockings with little lace ruffles at the tops, tiny lace black panties, and nothing else. A scar marked her belly. His claws. There were teeth marks in her neck. All healed up, but still scarred over. And in her hand she held a silver dagger.

His eyes widened as he gazed upon her, and he realized the mistake he had made. The Wolf was slowly realizing what he had created.

Her eyes burned like his as they stared at one another now. And it looked like golden rage. As hot as a sun.

"You did this to me!" She roared, and fangs peaked from her gums.

"Red! I didn't know, I thought..."

"You fool! Could you not smell it on me? That I wasn't human anymore? That you fucked that out of me?"

The Wolf took a step backwards into the stream as Red took a step forward towards him.

"How could I have known? You still smell human! I don't understand..."

That's when she lunged. He almost was caught by her blade, but escaped with just a scratch. But that scratch hurt. It burned and The Wolf yelped in pain. He scampered away, and shook his head to help him focus through the pain. But his vision blurred.

She smiled, and licked the blood off the dagger.

"Maybe I haven't changed enough for my scent to be different. Maybe I need your blood to fully change. Or maybe, you are too close to me to notice. Do you love me little Wolfie? Was it hard for you to live with what you did to me?"

He was the one afraid now, and she loved it. She drank in his fear, watching his eyes dart around for an escape route, as she pressed him towards a tree. Just like he had done to her. He tried to run when she pinned him, pressing her weight against him. She laughed darkly as he struggled, making pained whimpers as she stabbed him again with the blade.

"So did you love me Wolfie? Or was just I another prefect little victim for you to feed off of?"

The Wolf cried out in anguish as she stabbed him, his blood spilling between them, cooling on the dried leaves below. His golden eyes swam now, his gaze hazy with loss of blood. He watched her lick the blade again and said in a raspy voice, "You were both. Sometimes love is like that. Sometimes, you must be hunter and hunted. It's the bitterness of a broken heart that makes you a monster. I gave you exactly what you wanted!"

She didn't like that response. With swift, brutal movements she stabbed him again, and again, until she was coated in his dark blood. Red was stained crimson while the Wolf's eyes glowed no more, turning from smoldering embers into black ash. When he finally gave his last death rattle, she kissed his muzzle and dropped his body unceremoniously to the ground.

"No, the one thing I wanted you'll never give me. You'll never let me be your mate. Now it doesn't matter."

She looked down at him, her eyes hard. Whatever she felt was locked away behind the solid gold in her gaze, and the gold didn't waver. She inhaled deeply and looked down at her hands, noticing they were now claws. Claws that dripped blood. She studied them intently, and after a few moments growled and waved them about, "Come on, change back!"

She stopped waving them and looked at them again.

A slight black fur was forming on her knuckles. Her eyes widening in panic.

"No! He's dead! I killed the fucker! I KILLED HIM! CHANGE BACK!"

She balled them into fists and waved them again. When she stopped, her arms were covered in fur.


There was no moon to witness her change. She wasn't that kind of Wolf. She was something much more terrible. And she would be marked by his blood forever for it.

~Queenie Thayer


  1. Great story, Queenie! Lovely take on a classic!
    Stopping by with my MMM'S Carmen Jenner Author and Book Me!
    Happy Hopping! =D

  2. Lovely! Red was always my favorite fairy tale.

  3. Are you published? That was cool!
    Here's my day V MMM at Design du Jour.

    1. I am published, but I haven't published any fiction in a while. Thank you for the compliment. :)

  4. I loved reading that!
    A wonderful take on a Grimm classic.

    My MMM post for today - The

    1. I was hoping to bring more of a Grimm approach to it. Glad you enjoyed it!


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