Thursday, 16 May 2013

MMM Day 06: Kweeny Gets Drained

I love short films. Short films are visual short fiction, showing us a snapshot of an emotion, a place, a time frame, a person. Short films are wonderful because they challenge the viewer in a small span of time, making something incredible happen in just a few moments.

Recently I stumbled upon a little gem of a short film called Drained. I think we all can relate to this feeling, and that at least once in our lives we've had someone treat us this way. Watch the clip below to see what I mean:

With the use of stop motion, wordless expression, and strong imagery, we see how people can drain those they love. Sometimes we create our own monsters by our actions.

So, what did you think of the movie? Tomorrow I will bring you a review of one of my favorite movies about people becoming their own monsters. ;)


  1. Wow, this was amazing.
    To me, this is about being a woman in this world. Man (= the patriarchy) keeps forcing all this shit on you, often his own shit. You try to stay clean but you are overwhelmed. Then you try to please, become his ideal, but you just get abused. Finally you almost cease to exist, but there is no escape. Then when man sees the mess he's made out of you he goes looking for someone new, someone clean, a woman he can destroy all over again.

  2. That was something else. Not just the animation but the story as well. I am going to need to rewatch that one cause I don't think I got it all in one sitting.


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