Monday, 17 September 2012

Happy Birthday Elvira!

Elvira is one of my favourite horror hostesses! I've loved her since I was a teenager, and when I met her in 2005, it just solidified things for me. She's a hard working gal in the horror genre, and her style of camp, sass and cheesecake never gets old, even when she does. How does a woman who is 61 years old look as smoking hawt as she does? SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT VIRGIN BLOOD SHE USES TO WASH HER HAIR!

That is not the body of a 61 year old woman. That is a body of a demon goddess who sucks the souls of younger women to make herself youthful looking! Kinda reminds me of Death Becomes Her actually...

"Drink my potion Elvira, and you will be young and beautiful forever!"

"Okay half naked hawtie lady!"

So I thought in honor of the Queen of Halloween, I'd show off my collection of Elvira goodies. I have mentioned before on the blog my love of her when I made her a Monster Maven, and showed you guys that I met her. But I have a couple movies of hers, and a poster I keep right above my bed. I'm a little bit of a fan girl. 

Here are all my movies. The two on the top are feature films she made, the four on the bottom are shows of hers that she hosted. They are a hoot to watch! I'll probably drag them out for THE MADNESS and watch them for a couple points!

The one on top however is signed by the Mistress of the Dark herself!

Pretty neat huh? I also have a really cool poster a friend gave me after she heard what a fangirl I was for Elvira: 

Mmm hmm! Got me some cheesecake to help me have sweet dreams! 

In closing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIRA! May you have many more sexy birthdays, and eat plenty of lost souls to keep your ghoulish figure! 


  1. I had that Moonbathing poster hanging up in my college dorm room!

  2. Just saw her in an episode of Counting Cars on the History Channel. She showed up in full regalia asking for her 58 Thunderbird to be restored. Elvira totally rocked! (And the crew did a fabulous job on her car too)

    1. Sweet! Yeah she's got an amazing car. I personally want a hearse someday if I get my way. ;)

  3. Dear Ms. Todd,

    I've had a crush on Elvira and Isabella Rossellini for ever. I'm a cool guy but I'll be as clumsy awkward 13 year old all over again if I'm ever around those two ladies.

    Thank you for reminding me of her birthday. I will always love the Mistress of the Dark. And that autograph you got? I envy.




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