Saturday, 9 November 2013

Kweeny Reviews Southern Psycho!

I’m not really known for doing music reviews, though I have done a few in the past. I do LOVE music. It’s a more private passion of mine, which is why I seldom do reviews of albums or talk of my musical preferences on the blog…Except if it’s about my love of OTEP of course.

But my awesome blog friend Nathan at Son of Celluloid had a really neat gift idea for his readers for Halloween. I've listened to it several times since and although Halloween is over for some, it’s never over for weirdo’s like me. Halloween and horror are more than once a year.  Despite the fact that some horror is pretty cheesy and silly, most horror fans take horror seriously.  And so do fans of Halloween I find.  It’s not hard to see that they overlap easily for folks.

And Nathan gave us all a little Halloween gift! Not only is this album ABSOLUTELY free, it’s full of wicked, head-banging madness! Southern Psycho Vol.1 is the start of something gruesomely great! It’s an eclectic mix of musical tastes, all of which I have never heard of and I am always happy to learn of new artists I don’t have easy access to in the west. Living out in Oregon, I tend to have a limited scope of horrifically inspired things, such as conventions, musicians, events, etc. They happen, just not often, and so when I see a band come out here I get really excited and do my best to support them. It’s a great treat to get a free soundtrack I can access from the land of hippies. I love my peace-loving chill friends, but finding darkly-inclined folks is hard when you’re in a small city like Eugene that acts more like a small town.

Another thing I love about the Southern Psycho is the feel of the album. There is some psycho-billy-punk-rock-face-melting stuff on this thing, as well as bands who clearly understand what horror-shock-rock is meant to sound like. The Southern feel of the Psycho is all there too, and I enjoyed that quite a bit. After a delightful opening by the Son of Celluloid himself, we then spiral downward into the album full force, as if we are pushed into a pit of horror-rock. 

Hard to say what my favorite song was, but if I had to pick some favs they were the funky I Wanna Be your Zombie by Crypt 24, The H.P. Lovecraft-inspired metal song Dunwich Horror by Tripping the Mechanism and the hilariously cheeky I Kicked Dracula’s Ass by The Creeping Cruds, which has an awesome opening that sounds very reminiscent of MST3K.

Don't get lippy with me Mister!
So if you haven’t picked up this fun, FREE album of rocking Halloweenie tunes, then you are missing out! Totally download this stuff by following this link and reading the instructions. You won’t be disappointed horror-rock fans. Totally head bang to this shit.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go kick Dracula’s ass. Maybe with some garlic attached to my shit-kickers for extra effect. 

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