Thursday, 17 November 2016

Kweeny's Dream Loot Crate: The Kweenybeast Box

Recently the people at Loot Crate contacted me about helping to create content on my site for my ideal loot crate. A box full of stuff that would make Kweeny Todd squee with delight upon receiving in the mail! And I do love getting mail as it is. Subscription boxes do seem like getting a birthday present every month.

So what kind of box would I create? Hang on to your seats monsterkids! Here's my picks for a Loot Crate full of Kweeny's favorite nerd treats! I all this crate The Kweenybeast Box!

First off, my box would have something Deadpool in it. I know he's super popular. Especially after they did an awesome job with his movie. But I have loved Deadpool since I found him in comics as a kid. He's insane, can't die, has a romance with death herself, has multiple perosnalities, is in constant, horrific pain, and is hilarious! Not to mention he;s Canadian, and I love Wolverine and all, but Deadpool has a sense of humor about everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. So that's why I need a little Deadpool in my box.

I'm also a bit of a Harry Potter nerd, so something from my house would be nice. And my house is Slytherin! It's not as popular as houses like Gryfindor, but we are not a house to be ignored. Not all Slytherin are evil, but being that close to the dark side of magic means it's easier to be tempted by it. So I would want something in my box to represent my Slytherin pride.

Now let's delve deeper into the darkness and bring out monsters! One of my favorite monsters is in the movie Aliens. That movie was action packed and intense, especially when Riply faces down the Queen Alien! So a cute little plush alien or something like it would be really cool in this box. Cute and monstrous, just like me!

My next choice to add to our box of freaks and monsters, is from my favorite movie of all time: Repo! The Genetic Opera! I have to have something from this show in here. I know it might be harder to get a handle on, but I would take anything! A piece of art signed, the soundtrack, I just want something from this wonderfully outrageous show! More people need to know about it.

Of course I need something werewolf related! I am a child of the moon, and I'm known as the Sexy Werewitch on my podcast: Archivists Bet On Sexy Witches.  So something werewolf related from the long history of horror and werewolves is good by me! You could get really creative too. Like werewolf magnets, mittens, etc. Extra points if they put something from Ginger Snaps in there, like a shirt.

And lastly, I know I need something from Hellraiser in there. If they put this puzzle box in there, I would be super ecstatic! Hellraiser is one of my favorite horror movies ever, and it helped shape a lot of my personality growing up. Pinhead and his crew haunted my young dreams for years. This will be a prize that will tear my soul apart!

Hopefully this gives you ideas for your own subscription box! Loot Crate is pretty wonderful and constantly trying to up their quality of merch they send you. If you are interested in checking out Loot Crate for yourself, here ya go: Loot Crate. If you are interested in the Kweenybeast Crate, you can let Loot Crate know.

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