Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 13: Needful Things: Bones of Awesome

During this time of year I think about all the cool things I could use to decorate with. There are so many different types of decorations, from pumpkins to spiderwebs. My all time favourite thing to use as decoration is bones. Bones are awesome. Bones connect us to the realm of the living and the land of the dead. Nothing makes a statement quite like bones do. They are inside us, holding our fleshy bits together. 

So I searched the interbutts for some awesome bones I wish I could use for decoration. I have Bone Envy, what can I say. I find bones to be beautiful, and it gives me comfort to have them lying around in some artistic form. I can't explain it really. I remind myself of my humanity through bone artwork, or bones themselves. They help me embrace life through acceptance of death.

And they are prefect accessories during this time of year! Check out the bones I'd buy if I had the means...

Or this neat Sugar Skull Ring:
Hell I'd buy everything in this Bone Lust Esty Store:
And when it gets cold I'd wrap myself in this Skull Quilt:
I would put this Pretty Dog Skull on my alter:

I don't think you can have enough skulls in your house. *smiles* What can I say, I love my bones.

This is one of my favourite Tim Burton movies. Great bone structure on Jack. *wink*

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  1. Great stuff. I like the first item and the cookie jar.


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