Friday, 14 October 2011

Day 14: Kweeny Reviews: American Scary

Dr. Gangrene and Count Gore DeVol

Every horror fan has their favourite horror host. From Vampira to Dr. Gangrene, they are a part of the genre's history. They gave you a "friend", someone who'd stay up with you late at night past your bedtime and would talk to you about the movie. Someone just as geeky and weird as you, who would ham it up and make the movie experience fun. It made watching the really terrible movies worthwhile, if the horror host was entertaining enough.

The movie American Scary is a walk down memory lane. It reminds us of all our favourite horror hosts, from the matron of horror Vampira to the lesser known hosts. People who dressed up in crazy costumes, created memorable characters, and let you have a little extra fun with your horror show. 

Vampira feeds her pumpkin

And I tell you, sometimes you really needed that host to come along for the ride. Horror hosts made the B-movie schlock you were watching worth staying up for. Sometimes they preformed crazy stunts, sometimes they just looked incredibly sexy and enchanted you to stay. Sometimes they were like an old friend who would tell you exactly what was on his or her mind. They'd say, "This movie is dreck!" and you'd nod your head at the screen like they were right there in your living room beside you. 

This movie looks deeply into the horror host legacy. It shows how each of the characters brought their own unique flavour to the hosting gig, but it also shows how they were all connected. Why they were important and what we lack now that they are a dying breed. They gave us something to talk about. They were local and in your home town. Horror hosts once were like famous icons. In the horror circuit, they were our friends. We still flock to booths to get signed autographs with them, and we still love them when we find them. But people are just not doing the hosting as much anymore. 

It's not a flashy documentary, and that's a good thing. It's just an honest look at the genre of horror hosting, and it's almost a sort of love letter to horror hosts. 

If you miss and love the Horror Hosts, and you want to see a cameo by Neil Gaiman (OMFG!) totally check out this film.

You know, if I knew how to do it, I think I'd make a fine Horror Host. I just don't have a public access channel...I also found a fun little site with horror hosts all listed alphabetically. Check out and go find info on your favourite horror host!


  1. I think you'd make a great horror host! You've got an undeniable love for the genre, and an awesome sense of humour for ripping on the schlock flicks. (Also, I kinda like the idea of seeing you in an Elvira-esque outfit.) :P

  2. HAHAHA! Oh Phil! I'd wear something very different than Elivra. But still smashing and boobtastic. :P


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