Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 20: Genre Talk: Halloween AMV's

Yes, even anime makes some fine horror stuff. I love anime, when it's done well. And there are some bad ass horrific anime out there! I asked my anime expert Mad Jester to introduce you readers to the darker side of anime, but he's still working on that post. What is an AMV you may be asking? Well, Urban Dictionary says:

Short for Anime Music Video made by splicing anime clips to compile them together and publish. Depending on said anime, the video will generally be made by:

1. A glomping fangirl who wish to dedicate their love to their favorite anime character through video

2. A small child who thinks just slapping random Pokémon clips to Linkin Park makes it über-cool (which is wrong in many ways)

3. A casual video editor who puts some average time (and even a little bit money at times) into a normal, fan-made video featuring their favorite music

4. A contest fanatic who still remains behind the border of average anime fandom that puts a great amount of time into the process

So I thought I'd show some neat AMV's people have made in honor of their favorite dark animes. To get us into the spirit. I can feel Halloween approuching...

This awesome video is done to the Marilyn Manson version of This is Halloween with clips from a twisted little anime called Soul Eater. Death recruits "special" children to keep the balance, who carry living weapons with them to fight evil spirits. It's a pretty good show, and gets darker as the show progresses.

This awesome gory vamp anime is non other than Hellsing. It's pretty over the top, and that's what makes it cool. Alucard is one damn scary SOB, as he is the oldest vampire ever and works for this organization called Hellsing. Plus, this AMV is done to Meet the Creeper by Rob Zombie.

This anime is called High School of the Dead. It's pretty fan service for the zombie lovers out there. Lots of T and A, zombies, high school drama, and pretty much that's it. But it's fun in it's own way. The song in this one is Zombies Everywhere by Karate High School. How... appropriate.

This anime is called Death Note. Basically it's about a boy who finds the "Book of Death" and whatever name you write in it, kills that person. Of course, it also attracts him some attention from supernaturals and the like. This AMV is done to Alien Ant Farm's Smooth Criminal.

And this one is called Kuroshitsuji. It's pretty much about a young lord in Victorian England who works as the Queen's catspaw, with the help of his demon butler Sebastian- to whom he has pledged his soul. Sound good? This one is done to AFI's Miss Murder.

And those are just a few to wet your pallet. Also, in the spirit of anime and manga, I found this neat little face maker toy: I did one of myself too:

Anime Kweeny, ready to review stupid crap you'd never watch in a million years!
AND: I made a new fancy banner! Let me know what you think in the comments. I'm not a photo editing expert but I think it's peachy keen!


  1. LOVE the new banner! You look absolutely deranged in that pic- like you're saying "Oh, lie still, it'll only hurt for the first half-hour or so." <3

    Very nice selections on the AMV front, as well.

  2. Hehe thanks. I was going to the "I like sharp things too much" look. ;)

  3. Very cool picks in AMVs, Ms. Kweeny Todd. I want to check out High of the Dead.

  4. Thanks you're majesty! Jester has a list of horror Anime he finally sent me so I'm posting that for my next Halloween post. :)

  5. omg omg i love anime so much , and i make some pretty cool amvs myself , Those amvs you picked out are really cool.


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