Saturday, 12 November 2011

Canadian Content: Music Heals The Savage Kweeny

I'm finally starting to feel a little more human, but I wanted to share a new band I stumbled on. They got me through the sick. They lead me through the dark fog of my illness and now I am finally able to see the light. I stumbled upon them by accident and feel kinda stupid I didn't know of them while I was in Canada! But I found them now and I feel so glad I did. And I can share my find with you dear readers!

I now will introduce you to the awesome that is Johnny Hollow. Have a song with The Crow as a backdrop:

I'm bigger now, I'm stronger now. My finger curl, they're talons now! My weeping eyes, are burning now. My cloven feet, are dancing now!

I love their style! They sound so eerie but with a hint of whimsy. This song in particular is my favourite but I love all their stuff. It's rare I find a band that I can enjoy the majority, if not ALL their music. Sometimes you find bands and they only got one or two songs that resonate with you. Toronto band Johnny Hollow is not one of those for me. I love the way they sound. The way the lead singer's voice is this soft, dark lullaby that lures you in. A siren song bringing you to your doom. I love the way their lyrics speak to the dark creatures that dwell within us all. They are reminiscent of another band I love Rasputina, but they have their own flavor for sure. they are an incredibly talented band on so many levels. Definitely give them a listen. I highly recommend them.
Their website is Drop in, listen to some tunes, and give them your support! You won't regret it. Once I got more money I am definitely gonna buy a C.D.

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