Saturday, 3 December 2011

Day 03: Kweeny's Creepmas Carols


Sometimes it's hard to get into the holiday spirit, but even this Grinch can find ways to deck the halls. There are things I do enjoy about the holidays. I like decorating, getting crafty, making tasty treats and little gifts for people, and being with loved ones. I also love the terrible horror movies made around the holiday theme. (which there will be reviews of!) And if you are an avid reader of the blog, you know I like music. But I grow weary of the typical music we are bombarded with during this season. Over and over we hear the same songs, and can't go anywhere without being subjected to them. So I like to take the power back by finding unusual and creepy winter tunes. Stuff that warms the dark regions. The dark squishy parts need the most "cheer" after all when it's cold outside.

So here is a small collection of some delightfully twisted music that puts me in the holiday spirit. Maybe it will do the same for you. Or maybe you'll just shake your head at me and call me creepy. Either way, I have done my duty.

My first selection is from the Tales From The Cryptkeeper Christmas album entitled, "Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas":

Ah, so heartwarming. I love the sounds of slaughter in the background. King Diamond would approve, and I do enjoy listening to his song "No Presents for Christmas" during this time of year:

Rock ON! After that one I need to bring things down a bit and put on some Twisted Christmas. They have such classic songs like "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer":

And of course, no Creepmas caroling is complete without the Carol of the Old Ones:

The Elder Gods appreciate a good song. But if you really must have something a little more "traditional", and you would prefer to hear the classics, then the only way I am listening to them with you is if we get the Dark Knight to sing them:

Everything is better with Batman. 


  1. ha! some excellent tunes for Creepmas!

  2. Awesome Christmas carols, I'm going to continue listening to those til Christmas!

  3. I still can't stop laughing over Batman singing Christmas Carols. Glad I'm not the only one who loves these. :)


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