Wednesday, 21 March 2012

In Kweeny's Gory Kingdom...SNOW!

Story time!

So, around roughly 5am, my girlfriend pokes me online and says, "Kweeny! It's friggen snowing!" I threw on my hat, leather jacket, boots and gloves and ran outside to play, bringing my hubby along for the ride. The first snow I have seen since Canada. And I have to admit, I miss the snow. Just a tiny bit.

(Why was I awake at 5am? My husband was playing Mass Effect 2. SUCH A GOOD GAME!)

And it was REAL snow. Not just light flurries. It was that wet packing snow that's prefect for snowballs! So of course, me and my crew thought of a brilliant idea...


We had a blast out there. Made us this hideous beautiful Curmudgeon of a snowman I lovingly refer to as "Uncle Soggy".

Some of us were a little more attached to Uncle Soggy than others. I think because us girls like snow too much. But we added mushroom eyes (it is Oregon after all) and a carrot nose.

Of course, after our creation was made the first thing that popped into my mind was this:

"Let's build a snowman, we can make him our best friend. We can name him Bob, or we can name him BEOWULF!" 

Now it's stuck in your head too. You're welcome! 
Note: It's actually a big deal to get snow like this up here, especially in March! So most people here have no idea how to handle it. To me, it's not even worthy of calling a snowstorm. But natives are kinda freaking out about it. 

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