Friday, 13 April 2012


Yay it's finally Jenny Krueger's Blogfest! You know how much I love a blogfest!

Ah Friday the 13th. A unofficial-official day in honor of one of the greatest slasher villains of all time Jason Voorhees. It was franchises like Friday the 13th that made the slasher genre great. Jason may not be the first killer on the list of my top favourites, but he's up there for sure. And I will never forget my first time with Jason.

I've always been a fan of the original Friday the 13th. The movie had a formulaic plot, right up until the end when the ending slapped the audience with a twist. And what a twist it was! Just crazy Mama Voorhees trying to get revenge for her poorly treated son. Who couldn't sympathize with that?

I've never liked camping as a youngen. Especially when I am already sun burnt, bitten by bugs of all sizes, and snooty teen-aged pimple farms are picking on me because I'm different. Yeah, I'm glad Jason came back from the dead once his mom was killed. He's the vengeance of Camp Justice.

And one thing I love about the series is that Jason made machete's cool again! Machete's are wicked weapons that do tons of damage. I wrote a post about them a while back here. He'd lumber along with that hockey mask on to cover his deformed, undead face, and in his hand at his side would be the machete, dripping with gore from his last kill. And you know he's just not gonna stay dead. I mean, even Freddy Krueger tried to kill him, and he just came back. If Jason symbolizes anything, it's a dark, unrelenting force that cannot be reasoned with, and cannot even be communicated with! I've never seen him do more than a head tilt. Not one word escapes his soggy lips. And that's probably for the best really. In life he wasn't a good communicator either. He may not be fast. He may not be smart. But he wont stop. EVER. And he wont fucking stay dead.

So if there is anything you need to know about the big lug it's this:

I'm just gonna do what I always do, watch some horror, play some board games with friends and have a good old time. Gonna eat the crap out of some cupcakes too. Because that's the best way to celebrate don't you think? It keeps me out of trouble that's for sure. Not really in the mood for a machete in my face.

So what's your favourite Jason moments?


  1. Favorite Jason Moment:

    As a young lad, I would rock out to Alice Cooper's "Constrictor" album during Florida electrical storms. Nothing more metal than nature's own pyrotechnics, and it kept any childish fears of the extreme weather at bay.

    Years later, I watch Part 6 for the first time... and I hear songs from the same album replayed throughout the film. I was stoked.

    Also, fifth movie, death by belt. Damn.

  2. Uncle Jason's me favourite, right after Freddy. :D

  3. I've got to say, having never seen the films, I'm finding both Jason and his mad mother to be very sympathetic characters from all the posts I've been reading in this blogfest. It sounds like those nasty teens had it coming!

  4. Love, love, love! Very cool post! I wrote a post dedicated to Mama V and showing everyone how sympathetic she really was, along with Jason. I sympathized with Jason because I was also different growing up since I wear hearing aides and I got teased for that. The teenagers got what they deserved. Thanks so much for joining my blogfest and Happy Friday the 13Th!! :D

  5. Favorite Jason moments...


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