Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day 03: Kweeny's Pallet Cleansing Movies

Alright, you fine folks know by now I am not only participating in the HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MADNESS this year, but I am also a judge. And if you are following along at all, you know the main theme of this years MADNESS is Video Nasties. The worst of the worst in Cinema.

When you watch movie after movie about how terrible humanity is, and your eyes feel like they should be banned from looking upon the world after hours of such vile film, you need movies to cleanse the pallet and remind you life is worth living.

So what does a Kweeny watch to keep her in the spirit, still get her points for the contest and cheer her up a bit? Well other than Beetlejuice of course, here is a list of some fine films you can watch that won't break your spirit and remind you the world isn't horrible after all.

There must be balance in all things you know.

My requirements for this list are simple: Can I get at least a point in the HHMMADNESS for them? Are they creepy, kooky and possibly spooky? Do they cheer me up and offer some fun to the darkness? Are they funny, weird or have an outlook on things that for some reason, brightens my day?


Hocus Pocus

The Addams Family show and movies

Nightmare Before Christmas

Blood and Donuts

The Craft

Shaun of the Dead

Any Elvira Film
(Example: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark)

Troma Films
(Example: Poultrygiest)

Dead and Breakfast

Tales from the Crypt Keeper movies and shows

Ghost Busters 1 & 2

Critters (all the movies)

Death Becomes Her


Documentaries on Halloween, Horror movies, etc
(Example: American Scream)

There are probably more movies I could put here, but I don't want to be at it all day. Maybe you can suggest some for me to partake in when I need a break from all the crazy, nasty shit I am watching. Got any good suggestions dear readers?


  1. I've seen all of those except for Poultrygeist, Suck and Blood and Donuts. I love, love, love all those movies especially Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton is my Lord), Nightmare Before Christmas, and Hocus Pocus.

    I think you should add Zombie Strippers to the list. It's just so campy and funny, and of course it's a blast to watch Robert Englund.

    Love the new layout. ^_^

    1. Ah Zombie Strippers, another fine piece of horror comedy. :)

      And thanks! I am getting into the Beetlejuice spirit.

  2. Great post! I have seen some and not others. One of them, Hocus Pocus, is one I am determined to see this year!

  3. In the realm of documentaries, I recommend "American Scary" - a look a the tradition of TV horror hosts. Vampira, Zacherly, Ghoulardi, et al.


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