Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kweeny Gets Another Award! And Goes to Gencon!

Guess who's going to a convention? THIS GUY! *points a self*

I'm going to be gone until the 20th, because I will be a Gencon, being a complete gaming dork with Lord Bearington and a few of my Canadian chums. HUZZAH! It's not a horror con mind you, but I have other interests than horror. And since I am not going to have time for a detailed post, I thought I'd play catch up and fill out another Liebster award I got from Halloween Overkill. People sure like my blog! Thanks guys! You make doing this more fun. :D

So on to the questions...

1. What is your favorite Halloween tradition/memory?

I would have to say this one:

It was my first Halloween with his Lordship. We had such a fun time dressing up and goofing off, it's become one of my most fondest Halloween memories. And I love the costumes we did.

2. Halloween III - terrible or underrated?
The thing that fails for me on the Halloween 3 front is not the movie itself. It's the fact it was shoved into a franchise that was already established too late. If they made this movie as Halloween 2, people would have caught on to the anthology thing the series was trying to establish with this movie. It's not a completely bad movie on it's own, but it is cheesy goodness and I have fun watching it even to this day.

3. Your favorite guilty pleasure film?
The Craft and Practical Magic. I love witchy movies what can I say. I am a pagan, and I love to pick them apart and make fun of them. Especially The Craft. There is soooo much wrong with that movie. 

4. If you could meet any one horror icon dead or alive, who would it be?
Only one? Hmmm...I suppose for today I'd pick Hitchcock. He would be pretty bad ass to meet. I'd ask him film making questions.

5. What is your favorite holiday other than Halloween (assuming it is your fave, it is right?)
I don't really have another one! I Hate most other holidays. But if my anniversary with his Lordship counts then that is my favourite next to Halloween. I love that silly Bear.

6. What is your favorite t.v. show of all time?
I got too many to count. At the moment a couple of them are Game of Thrones, X Files, and Hilarious House of Frightenstien. 

7. Is there a single horror movie or scene you cannot stomach to watch, what is it?
In Creepshow. The scene with the roaches.  *shivers* I have a phobia of roaches. I do not like them in most movies, but Creepshow goes that EXTRA mile with the bugs. If you've seen it, you know what I mean.

Damn you Creepshow. Damn you.

8. What is more exciting, a horrible thunderstorm or an insane snowstorm?
Okay, this is an unfair question. Since I have been through both (I did live in Ottawa Canada once) I know both have their own flavor. Trying to compare them is like trying to compare apples and oranges. They are just different. Though a horrible thunderstorm doesn't make me freeze my ass off like a snowstorm can. Once I was in a snowstorm where the power went out. It sucked.

9. Who is your favorite fictional horror icon?
At the moment, this guy:

Why him? *just looks at you flatly* Do you REALLY need an answer to that? 

10. What is your favorite Halloween treat?
Chocolate. Any and all. I loooooove chocolate!

11. You can only watch one Halloween special/movie this year, what do you choose?

Nightmare Before Christmas is a fun one. Or the Halloween series. 

There all done. Not gonna link people because I already did this thing here. I just like to go out of my way and answer these awards since people are so nice to think of me. There, more useless facts about me! See you when I get back from the con gang!


  1. Great! Maybe I'll see you there. Here's how you can find me: http://www.digitalorc.blogspot.com/2012/08/meet-orc-at-gencon-get-free-beer.html

    1. Maybe you will! Though I will likely be in my pirate gear, hitting on cute chicks while my husband is playing Mechwarrior. :P

  2. Hell yeah, Frightenstein! Have fun at the con, Boss!

    Also, don't watch Hostel III.

  3. Replies
    1. LOL! Oh you guys...I learned my lesson with the last Hostel movies...I think.

      *Remembers that scene with the chick covered in blood in Hostel 2 and sighs happily* So it had one good scene! A broken clock and be right once!

  4. Yay, congrats Kweeny! Have fun at the Gencon!

  5. Congrats.... I got One Too...Now I have to find my notes that I Wrote to do the post.... I had you listed as one ti pass it on ....but you Have One... I Really Like "Mr. Todd" as well ... last March/ April... I had a couple of choices and could have only One ...(Each cost about $300.oo) So I chose the 12 inch figure with Chair.... I already own the first one issued... Could Not afford it at the time.... But I have been a fan on "Mr. Todd" since early childhood ....I read of the Demon Barber of Fleet St..... My health and a total lack of transportation... limit my going "anywhere"..... Enjoy the convention... And don't forget to take plenty of pics to post on your blog.... Especially Costumed Fans... I like Villains...


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