Thursday, 14 June 2012

Needful Things: Kweeny & The Sims

Sim Kweeny Todd, hanging in her mansion.
Confession Time: I love the Sims. I know it's stupid, mindless fun. But I love them anyhow. I love building weird houses, dressing my Sims in crazy outfits, trying to make monsters, celebs, and weirdos out of them, seeing how many ways I can kill them, etc. It's just dumb fun! I have all the Sims 2 Expansions and the Sims 3, and I play the Sims Social on Facebook. I know I can't make my Sims have real sex, but I get excited when they "Woo Hoo" and snicker like a perv anyhow. It's fun to make my Elvira looking Sim marry the Wolfman, build them a house that would make the Addams Family jealous, and then make them a neighborhood were they fit in seamlessly. I like giving them jobs I would never have, or jobs I know won't be done in any realistic way. Like the job of Writer. Oh man, I don't know how many times I've giggled at my Sim when she or he finishes a book. "If only it were so simple!" I say to the screen, "I'd be living like a Queen!"

Yes, that's probably why it's fun. Life is nice and simple for the Sims.

We all have guilty pleasures. Things we like and can't explain why. But we ALL have these things. So here is one of mine, that I admit proudly. *puffs out chest*

And look how cute my little Sim is in the Sims Social? I even gave her crazy hair:

But the real reason I bring this up is because I found out today that the Sims 3 is coming out with a supernatural expansion pack! OMFG! Yes, I of course covet this thing, being a Sim fan. If you click on the handy link I posted for ya you'll see all the neat new stuff that comes with the expansions. Gothic decor and clothing, werewolves, zombies, witches, vampires with magic and shit? HOLY SPACE BALLS I want this game! It's so cheesy and ridiculous, that I am SOLD from the moment I heard WEREWOLVES were in this!

My dark cheesy heart knows the truth. Knows that I will be buying this thing, somehow, someway, and making a pack of werewolves who I will mold to maul the vampires in my city of the damned. And then I will make a zombie crew who will learn to dance Thriller for my amusement. Oooh yes... I will have my puppets DANCE!

It will be glorious!


  1. Squeeeee! I want Sims3 even more now!
    I have 2 and most of the expansion packs, I love building towns full of creature of the night!

  2. Hehehe, I have all the Sims 2 expansions too. It's fun to be creative with them.

  3. How did they make this video, that was insane!!
    Shell got me into it in 2005 with SIMS 2, I now also have ALL the expansions and crazy on the sims social, I thin kwe should party <3 :)

    1. I know there is a function in the game where you can record videos. With the right editing and music you an do movie magic too!


  4. I did play my Sims 2 all of the time (about 15 to 20+ hours at a time.... ) Mostly monsters...... Many Graveyards and I kept on Killing off a lot of the Characters that are "randomly Generated"... Then often raising the from the grave as "zombies"... (and if I have not already done so ...I often "drive them see which Madness they acquire Usually the "stick-Cup-Buddy") and If you kill them off again ... they make cool troublesome "Ghosties" ....
    I got Mine To RUN again yesterday but when I restarted it only would Crash.... Well Back to "Spore"....

    1. Boo. :( I hate when my games crash on me. I have to spend a lot of time getting the right skins and stuff for my Sims. Well, now it will be easier because of the supernatural expansion, and I can be lazy with my gothic/horror world.

  5. I play the Sims Social game on Facebook and used to have the first two games plus an expansion pack. My Sims kept on dying though so I gave up.

    1. If you add my personal page we can be Sim Social chums! I'll help you out and you can help me.

      with the right cheats you can make your Sims immortal, at least in Sims 3. Then you can make them cry when they would normally die on you. It makes me laugh evilly when I do that. I listen to them beg in Sim-talk as if they wish I'd just let them die. NEVER MINIONS! You will live in torment! *cackles madly*


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