Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Kweeny's Gory Kingdom Needs Metal Motivation

Here's a fun fact about me: When I feel like ass, I listen to metal. Power metal, epic metal, anything with warriors kicking ass and rising to a challenge. Why do I do this? Because that's just what motivates me. The whole time Bear and I were apart we'd send each other metal songs (like some people send sappy love songs) to help us feel better. Metal is important to me. It's not the only music I love, but when I need my emotions recognized but not wallowed in, I turn to metal. There are so many variations of metal music, I can always find something to suit what I need.

See how much metal means to my husband and I:

Even on our wedding day, we threw up the horns.
So of course, when I found a site specifically called "METAL MOTIVATION" I had to check it out. What I found was a self help site. And I almost scoffed it away, thinking they were using the metal image to shovel bullshit at people in the form of telling people how to live their lives. But as I read the articles there, I realized the guy who runs the site has his shit together! His advice isn't New Agey junk! It's more personal development-driven than self help. There's no asking the Universe to better yourself bullcrap. It's all, get up off your ass because YOU can change your life!

Let me directly quote C.J:  "If you truly want to live a fulfilled life, then you must focus on personal development not purpose development. This is why I don’t care too much for the term “self-help”. The idea of self-help makes you sound like a victim or patient: you need help to get out of the illnesses of life.

Personal development basically says, “I have talents, abilities, interests, passions, and characteristics that I must develop in order to experience true and lasting fulfillment while leaving an impact on this world.” Big difference." ~From the article Happy as Hell

And this is why I fucking love it. It's just plain, simple truth.

This guy speaks to me on the level I need to be spoken to. He's the life coach of my dreams. He doesn't talk down to folks. Doesn't throw flowery language around, and doesn't hold back. He's fucking metal! *Plays air guitar* So his advice says it straight! When you want to get your shit together, you need the right motivation to do that. For me, Metal Motivation is the right kind of motivation.  

Because everyone needs that one friend who won't sugarcoat things for you. Who will tell you exactly what you're messing up in your life and give you practical advice on how to fix it. I am usually that friend for my friends, because I've made a TON of mistakes and lived more than my 31 years would lead you to assume. But I need someone to be that friend for me. Someone who knows I'm not perfect and don't have all the answers. Sometimes I just don't, even though I wish I did. It's easier to help someone else then help yourself.

He is by no means the only person who motivates me, but I felt like sharing. If you need some motivation and are a strong-willed metal head like me, check C.J's site.

I throw the horns at you sir!


  1. I like the sound of this guy's philosophy! And I love the pic of you and your husband!

  2. Thanks! Yeah we just did a JOP when we got married. We made it special by dressing how we wanted and getting tattoos after. :)

  3. OMG this guy is fucking rad! I'm sharing him with my hubby, I just dabble but he's the true metalhead in the couple. :D

  4. Yay! Pass on the inspiration. :)

  5. Metal up, Queeny! I'm proud to say I'm friends with Cj!

  6. The That Quote from the "Happy as Hell" article was good....
    Metal from Black Sabbath... and Iron Maiden... To Metallica
    My favorite was Quiet Riot....Hope that You are well Dear Kweeny Todd... (the term "Todd" is old Germanic for "Death"....as in "der Todd".... Your good Fiend The Doctor

    1. *nods* Loved that article. I haven't found one yet I didn't like.

      I didn't know Todd was Germanic for Death! Thanks for the heads up Doc!

  7. This is super cool and bad ass! :)


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