Thursday, 21 July 2011

Genre Talk: Evil Dead Remake

I wasn't going to get on the bandwagon of people going on about the remake, but what the hell. I need a distraction. I got 5 days until I see my husband. Let's make them worthwhile. (I am counting down the days. You do that when you've had an LDR for two years with your husband)

So from everything I have read, the film is green-lighted. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are involved. Bruce is having a cameo role I hear. Diablo Cody is writing the script, and I don't really know how I feel about that. I know Cody has done some good stuff, like Juno which I did enjoy, and Jennifer's Body wasn't that bad. First-time feature director Fede Alvarez stepping behind the camera. It's being produced through Ghost House Pictures. So this is really happening folks.

And I know, lots of people on horror forums, blogs, etc. are freaking out. Total meltdowns. I don't think it really needs to be a big deal. Remakes happen all the time. Sure, most of them suck greasy-weasel-balls, but there are some good remakes out there. One that comes to mind for me is the Dawn of the Dead remake. I thought it was bad ass! And I loved they used the music of Johnny Cash to open the movie. The Cash is the man.

Tell me that's not a bad ass opening!

And if you think about it, the first Evil Dead got remade with the second movie Evil Dead 2. It was just a rehashing of the first one but expanded. Evil Dead is one of those franchises that honestly, only a tool would screw up. It may not have the same humor to it, but Bruce "The Chin" Campbell is involved in the film, so I have some hope. Besides, if Cody keeps the elements of horror/comedy in tact then who knows? Could be a fun time. Because despite the fact the original wasn't meant to be funny, it was. And we fans expect funny from the Evil Dead franchise now.

Maybe I'm too optimistic, but I doubt this remake is gonna be the end of the world. Seriously guys. No cutting down the film until you see it. At least I won't be. I like to attempt to experience something first before I give it a horrible review. I've sat through some ridiculous crap before. Like the Twilight Movie. I think I can handle a remake of Evil Dead. 

If they can make Evil Dead: The Musical awesome, I'll give the remake of a beloved old corny classic a chance. Though I'll level with you readers, I'm a Musical Junkie. It takes work for a musical to make me hate it. 

PS: For Twitter dorks like me Bruce Campbell is officially on Twitter (@GroovyBruce). In case you didn't know.


  1. Honestly, if it's just as funny as the first (I'm keeping my fingers crossed), there won't be much to dislike, as far as I'm concerned. Evil Dead with improved special effects would have to be booched in a big way to be a completely bad thing, sez me.

  2. A serious, non-comedic remake would be the way to go with this now but really it's unnecessary no matter what they do with it. I liked the first two Evil Dead movies back in the day but they aren't brilliant. "Army of Darkness" ruined everything and "My Name is Bruce" was even more disappointed so I'm not too eager to see this anyway,

  3. I never thought of the Evil Dead franchise as brilliant myself. It was campy and fun, and I have some good memories of watching it, but it never made an impact on me otherwise.

  4. Since they're going to do anyway & there is no stopping them, lets all hope for the best. :[

  5. That's pretty much how I treat remakes. We can't stop them, but we don't have to like them. And if we do watch them and they suck, it just gives me personally more fodder for hilarious bitchfests. :)


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