Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gencon Breakdown

The con is over, and I am recovering from con crud...but damn was it fun! So much gaming, costumes, shiny things and more! It's impossible to even tell you how big Gencon is, and how many things go on there. When you go, you just can't do everything. It's like a small universe of geekery, and all forms of geek are welcome. I even saw zombies shambling about in a larp!

Of course I could just ramble on about the larping his lordship and I did, or any number of shagginess we got up to, but I did take a few pictures. So I'll let them speak for themselves. If you want more Gencon madness, feel free to look at the massive wave of pictures on the fanpage coming in from people at the con. You'll get an eye full of costumes and the like, trust me. I didn't do much picture taking probably because I was too busy playing, but I did get some. So let's begin the picture show!

Here I am decked out for the Nero Larp. 

Lord Bearington and I, hanging with Lolth the Spider Queen.

Drizzt and his kitty behind me.

Two of my favourite Avengers. *blows Hulk and Ironman kisses*

I always know how to find monsters...

His lordship with a Bear-sized maul.

Lord Bearington loves Mechs of all kinds.

Beastly minis.

My Goddess-child with a Dalek. Too cute. :D

Me getting my River Song on.

Klingon band jamming.

After con foolishness in the room.

And of course: Booty! Can't go to a gaming con without picking up a few dice!

So would I go again? FUCK YES! It was so much fun, and all I did was mostly wander about, play in 5-6 Nero Larp games, and go to the Hentai Cafe. (If you don't know what Hentai is, that's probably a good thing. But the Hentai Cafe was hilariously fun. People were asked up front to dub over the actual voices in Hentai. Now I am a fan of Tentacle Chris, the guy who hosted the event.)

The geekery is never over, even when the con is.

And now I try to defeat the monster that is con crud. UGH...brainzzzzzzz...


  1. Nice pictures. It looked like fun!

  2. It was! I've never seen so many costumers in one spot either! It was huge!

  3. My favorite photo is the one of The Spider Queen. She looks like she could crawl across the room! Very cool. I've never been to one of these conventions, but they look like a lot of fun. I'm sure there's something to interest everyone who goes! There's something funny about a cute little girl getting that close to a deadly Dalek. :)

  4. Lolth is pretty impressive. You should see her up close, the detail is amazing.

    As for my little Goddess-child, she's pretty fearless. the guy who actually does the voice of the Dalek's was there, teasing her because she had squeaky shoes. :D


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