Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day 30: Halloween Treats From Canada!

My friends know how much I love this holiday, so they sent Lord Bearington and I Halloween love all the way from Edmonton! What a wonderful surprise to find in my Gory Kingdom's mail slot! Let me show you my treats:

Inside the package was two decks of cards! One for magic and one for play! 
I opened up the Walking Dead card game to look at some of the cards. Here's the zombies...
And our heroes ladies and gentlemen! I'm sad Michonne isn't in here. She's my favorite...
Other than Daryl of course. :)
And here is a sampling of the lovely cards in the Crow Tarot deck! I really dig the interesting style choices done with these.  A nice new deck to do my annual Halloween Tarot reading with!
Getting a gift in the mail sure made my Devil's Night special! Thanks so much to my Butler and his family for sending me these little treats!

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