Tuesday, 29 October 2013


I wasn't feeling to well today, so I only got one movie in. But since it is the movie my team in The Madness is named after, I knew I should wait until the last week to watch it.

MARTYRS (99 mins/2008)

Kweeny's Rating: A Harrowing Journey to Martyrdom

Summary: This is one of my favorite extreme movies, and yes, you will get bonus points watching this one. Not the full points for a Video Nasty, but there are are least 4 points in this one for the graphic nature of the film. If you'd like to know a more in depth analysis by yours truly, let me direct you to a post I wrote on my friends blog Guts and Grog. I think it explains how powerful this film is to me. Plus, you might enjoy Guts and Grog's other offerings as well!

As for me, I am going to rest up a bit more so I can watch more craziness tomorrow. I got only two days left until Halloween!

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