Monday, 28 October 2013


I made today a mostly Clive Barker day, but I also watched the new Dethklok Rock Opera episode. So in the most literal meaning of the word, my TV/Movie experience was epic.

Here's the stuff I watched today...

HELLRAISER (94 mins/1987)

Kweeny's Rating: I AM PAIN!

Summary: I'm sure if you are a frequent viewer of the blog, you know I love Clive Barker. He's a big inspiration for me, and it all started for me with a little book he called, "Hellbound Heart." that little book inspired more than I'm sure Clive Barker ever imagined. Lots of awesome things are in Hellraiser, lots of terrible, awesome things. But you need to open your DVD puzzle box and watch it.  Explore the darker regions of desire. 

CANDYMAN (99 mins/1992)

Kweeny's Rating: Be My Victim...

Summary: Another awesome movie by Clive Barker, this time his envisioning of an urban legend. Candyman is a seductive predator, who haunts a woman named Helen when she gets too close to his story. Lots of gore in this one too, as Clive Barker doesn't shy away from the stuff. The wonderful thing about this film though is it's very much a dark, tragic love story. It's reminiscent of Dracula's love story with Mina. 

NIGHTBREED (102 mins/1990)

Kweeny's Rating: Midian's Where The Monsters Live.

Summary: And my last Clive Barker movie of the night. The story of Boone and finding Midian always touched me as a young child when I first watched this. While this movie has some horrific imagery, out of the three I watched it was the most hopeful in it's own strange way. I love the story's spin on making the monsters heroes. They are people who are different and just want to be left alone. Of course we'd have a boring movie if that was what happened.


Kweeny's Rating: Epic Metal Opera!

Summary: This was 60 minutes of pure AWESOME. I think my husband and I sat watching it with our mouth agape most of the time. If watching Dethklok rock out isn't horror or Halloween enough, I think you need your eyes exploded by guitar rifts!

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  1. I've watched the first three and enjoyed them -- they're classics. I think I enjoyed the third a bit more because I had no idea where the plot was going, and I admit to a soft spot for underdog stories. Thanks for the pics and bringing up fond memories.


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