Thursday, 5 December 2013


I am sure some of you who frequent my blog are wondering where the Creepmas posts are. Sorry gang. I didn't have 13 days of celebration in me this year. This season takes more out of me than I'd like to admit, and for many reasons, I just didn't want to do too much this year. I'm still excited for all the Krampus stuff I find, as I am a huge Krampus fan.

Remember me? Kweeny Krampus!
So I still have the creepy holiday spirit, just condensed I suppose. I don't want to do a marathon this year of creepy stuff, but I did find a holiday I could get behind that really captured what I feel the holiday spirit should be. I am not one for the mainstream versions of anything. I like to do things in my own creative style, and my style happens to be a bit macabre. It's just a big part of who I am. Been this way for as long as I can remember, and I don't feel right trying to fit into other people's definitions of holiday cheer, no matter what the holiday is.
I still love feeding candy canes to my Elder Things.
For some people, the holidays are light and joyous. And while I won't say I don't take moments of joy here and there, I am constantly in a state of paradox during this season. I feel sorrow for many things I have lost. Dead loved ones, family, etc. Winter brings a darkness with it for me. It's partly because I suffer from seasonal depression, I know that. But I also know I don't find being assaulted constantly with CHRISTMAS appealing either. I won't begrudge others finding joy, but I hate having their joy "imposed" upon me when I didn't even get a warning or a polite offer to join in if I so choose. I don't force people to experience my Creepmas. I like being crafty and making gifts for loved ones. I even love throwing festive parties or rituals for my pagan-friendly folk. But I don't expect things, nor do I want to be expected to do things.

While I am doing a private spiritual gathering with a few friends, I would like to do something crazy awesome. One big bash full of dark weirdness to "celebrate" winter. I want to close this year off in my own festive way. A way that captures my feelings a little more around this holiday season.

Krampus's Little Helper
This year I found JUST THE THING. A great little idea that captures my feelings on the holiday, and I don't have to spend weeks of energy on it. It's perfect, right down to the fact it falls on the 27th, a day most people have nothing planned on and right after the dreaded Christmas holiday. There are so many holidays are out there, and I love finding the ones that prove this season is not just about CHRISTMAS.

So here it is, the info on NECROFEAST. Will I be throwing my own Necrofeast this year? It depends if enough people I know will celebrate it with me. If I get enough interest among my friends I totally will. Hopefully I will have some awesome Necrofeast pictures to share with you.


  1. This sounds VERY cool. I sometimes throw a Halloween New Year's party.

  2. New Years Halloween ... Cool...
    Dear Lady Kweeny... we re-posted your Nightmare Before Christmas "Snowflake" and gave you a "Shout out"... Happy Holidays from the "Crypt"...


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