Monday, 18 July 2011

Canadian Content

So this new section in my blog is going to be a regular column about horrific stuff made in my home country Canada. I'm moving the the States in a few weeks, and I am going to miss Canada terribly. So this will be my way of still keeping a connection to Canada, and paying tribute to the stuff we make. 

And I tell you, we make plenty of Horror. But the rest of the world doesn't hear about it as much as they should. We have our own publishing houses that do horror and dark fiction, such as Chizine Publications, and Burning Effigy Press (which work as Assistant Editor for), just to name a few places. We have a international Horror magazine called Rue Morgue, which is one of the top horror magazines in the world. Plus we have amazing films being made, some being well received by critics. One very good example of this is Ginger Snaps, which won the Special Jury Citation award at the Toronto International Film Festival. There are also tons of filmmakers, writers, and artists doing wicked work here in Canada. I feel they need a bit of a hat tip.

So to all you Canadian Horror people, if you happen upon this little fledgling blog, please feel free to contact me if you wanna be showcased in my Canadian Content section. Email me at, and I'll check you and your work out. If not I'll just fill this section up with whatever Canadian goodies I find. We have more to offer than just maple syrup, beavers and hockey. I hate hockey, not a fan of maple syrup, but beavers are cool. Very industrious little critters. I also think they are kinda cute. 

Look at that face, and his little tail! Aw! He just wants some wood to build his home. Sure, our animal doesn't look all snotty and proud like the great Bald Eagle, but don't be fooled. If the beaver doesn't get you, his friend the moose will kick your ass! And Canada is full of them too. 

Canada is wild. And I like that. 


  1. I wouldn't screw with a beaver, either- those teeth cut through friggin' Canadian ash, and they'll make short work of any hand attached to someone stupid enough to corner the little bastards. And when they want to, those suckers can MOVE.

    As for Canadian horror films, I need to look into those. I've got the Ginger Snaps trilogy under my belt (mmm-MM, Katharine Isabelle as a redhead/werewolf!), but if there's more I needs to put it behind me eyeballs.

  2. Hiya! Just followed you back :-)
    Thanks for signing on to my blog! Much appreciated! I love that you have a section for Canadian content, as there is some truly great horror being produced in our neck of the woods (although you're technically moving away ;-)) and I enjoyed the post about dark fiction & horror, as well :-) Both sides made valid arguments. Plus, the pic of Louis and Lestat after seeing "Twilight" was hilarious ;-)

    Looking forward to dropping by again!


  3. @Phil: you made me laugh so hard this morning! I friggen love you! Don't mess with Beavers man!

    @Darkeva: Thank you! And no problem. I just started this blog, so I'm still finding my voice and getting content on here. And while I am moving away, I'm always gonna be Canadian in my heart. Keeping my citizenship and everything. :) I fell in love with an American so he's kidnapping me. I'm not protesting.

    I laughed so hard when I found that pic. ;)

    Keep in touch!

  4. Hi!

    I'm following your blog now - love what I see!

    I'd love to visit Canada - I think America & Canada have some of the most beautiful landscapes. I'd love to have grown up in a back country town with wooden houses and a local bar where everybody knows each other, surrounded by rolling fields and swamps! Much like Sookie's town in True Blood - it's so very different from anything here in England!

    The second reason why I would love to live in America/Canada is they have such a huge range of shops that we do not have in England - I have to order from abroad which is annoying when it comes to customs - love BPAL!

    Also America/Canada make the best horror movies/television series! I adore The Walking Dead and Gingersnaps and True Blood.. I just really can't wait to visit America/Canada some day! xxx

  5. Some great writing in Canada, eh? Tell me aboot it!


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