Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Kweeny Invades like An Elder God In Your Panties Drawer...

So if you have been paying attention to my constant babble about my husband (Yeah I am stupidly in love and still in the newly wed phase. DON'T JUDGE ME!) then you know by now I'm Canadian married to an American. Not only that, I'm moving to America to be with him. It was a hard choice for me, because I love my Canada. But I love him more. We do the last steps this week to get my visa so I can go back with him and build a life like normal married couples do. Well...as normal as we weirdos can be I suppose.

Us just married in 2009. We are disgustingly cute, I know. I REGRET NOTHING!

But in case you are curious I'll tell you a little more of our tale before I disappear to complete this process for the next few weeks. I will be back my dear readers. No worries.

Here's the quick rundown: For 2 years we've been apart off and on, trying to get through the hoops of immigration that I swear, Cthulhu himself couldn't decipher. And he's an Elder God of madness. You'd think he'd understand the madness that is bureaucratic hell, but no. It's not so simple.

2 years of paperwork, thousands of dollars of fees and still...all I am getting this week is my temp visa so I can do the rest from the US. Every time I finish a stage in the process I feel like a super hero.

Wonder Woman's got nothing on me. And I think my whips of excruciating torment trump her lasso of justice!

So it's been quite the ride. We've been waiting a long time for this day. By the end of the week I will know for absolute fucking certainty that I am going home with my baby. Home is where ever he is. And I wanna be there.

This is why I made a Canadian Content section, to be honest readers. I wanted to have a piece of home still with me. It will help inspire me to connect to my country I will miss and love, and make me feel still in the loop. Kweeny is gonna miss her Canada and the awesome stuff that lives there. Like beavers.

So I'm off to take care of business, and try to not fret myself into a coma with stress. YAY! My Bear is in the sky right now, and soon I will hold him and we will take on the world. Like Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney...Or Mr. Lovett and Kweeny. *smirks*

I promise not to kill him though. He knows his place.

And before I go, I must share this amazing picture that made me howl my face off. It will probably only entertain me that much, but that's because I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE. And I am not even a permanent Resident yet. I'm still working on that part:

Best picture EVER.

See you soon folks. Will post as soon as I get time. <3


  1. That sounds like a frustrating amount of trouble to go through! Glad to read that you are happy and that things are working out. :)

  2. Sadly, yes, yes it is. I tried to make it funny, but honestly, you laugh at these crazy things in life so you don't became A bitter, cynical bitchface. Though if I was a slasher villain, I'd totally call myself Bitchface. I'd have a mask and everything. :P

  3. Ooo, a mask made out of some vapid mallrat's face, right? ^__^

  4. Well, it's amazing how strong you both are.

    Stay strong & don't turn in to your villain-self B!tchface. ;) Lol. That's a cool villain name though. :P

  5. I am lovin' that you are a local girl. A Canadian girl. Thanks for the follow at the Cave of Cool. Finding your sight was a treat. Keeping doing that voodoo that you do, kitty kat.

  6. Mwahahahaha
    Thought you might like my Cthulhu machinima tribute
    The Highlander; Cthulhu Enigma


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