Friday, 15 July 2011

Extra Stuff In Kweeny's Life

Ok, so this segment isn't horror per say. It's about my life, and the weird shit in it. This specific post is kinda horror related, but mostly about metal. But I think metal and horror pretty much go hand in hand anyhow. You can argue with me if you want, but if you listen to enough metal, (and the fact there are things like Doom Metal and Horror/Death Metal) you realize it's in horror movies, the videos some bands have are horror inspired, and hell, bands like Gwar are dressed as monsters! So follow me along on this one.

Now I love my husband. Love him to bits. I'm moving countries to be with him in a few weeks. But recently, he developed an obsession that almost rivals my love of horror. It's one I can't seem to make peace with, especially when he floods my chat windows with videos and images from the show.

He loves My Little Ponies.

That's right. My husband loves girly things like My Little Ponies. But not just the show, it's gone way beyond that. He now searches the interbutts for images, videos and whatnot that twist the show and pervert it. I guess in it's own way it's horrific. Some of the things I am forced to witness are pretty fucked up.

Like this:

Was I meant to witness such things? I dunno, but now you've witnessed them too. Lets hope it doesn't turn you into a Bronie like my husband.

What's a Bronie you may be asking yourself? Well, let me enlighten you further:

Yeah. Exactly. That face you're making right now (Which probably looks something like this emote --> O.o;; ) is what I did after DAYS of being subjected to these Pony videos. I've seen too many of them, at my husbands will.

But what was the last straw for me, is what he posted recently. Because it was defiling one of my favorite shows. Let me show you:

OMFG WTFBBQ!!!!1111one!

I love Metalocalypse! It's not only a hilarious show that mocks and loves all the troupes of metal music, but it actually has kick ass music in it too! If you are a metal fan, you'll love this show. Believe me. And there is enough blood and guts for it to qualify as horrific too. Some episodes are so disturbing you leave the show thinking, "What the heck did I just watch?" 

I love the show.

I do not LOVE the image above.

PONIES? SOMEONE PONIED MY DETHKLOK? And my husband thinks it's cool? I think my husband is sick people. Sometimes the things that truly frighten us are not coated in blood. Sometimes, they are cute, sparkly ponies. *twitches*

*inhales* Okay that felt good to get off my chest. Next week I'll do my new segment called Wicked Weapons Wednesdays. Every Wednesday I plan to write posts about weapons used in horror movies and the impact they make. I think it will be bad ass. Of course my first post will be the razor, considering the theme and all. So stay tuned for more horror madness. I may need to take a break from blogging for a while once my husband comes down to get me and steal me to America, but I'll be back. No worries there.

And please, watch something gory to wash your brains from the pony sickness. *shivers* I will.

[edit] I just got informed it's Brony appreciation day. DEAR GAWDS! Is there a stupid holiday for every damn thing on the internet? Or did you people just make it up now to torment me? [/edit]

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  1. it sound okay if I watch Adventure Time and still be a fan of Slasher flicks?


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