Friday, 9 December 2011

Day 09: Genre Talk: Twitlight Christmas Greetings


So I am kinda slow going this year, and haven't achieved half of the stuff on my list to get done. I haven't started baking, haven't gotten the tree yet, and I dunno if I will be able to pull a lot of it off because I am hella broke. Lots is happening right now, so I'm doing the best I can to scramble and get things done. I'm hoping everything falls into place so we can have a nice Yule here in Kweeny's Gory Kingdom.

But nothing warms my Grinchy spirit more than making fun of horribly written book franchises. I admit it, sometimes I am really hard on the Twilight series. I should probably give it a break, just this once. I mean, it's not all bad right? It at least inspires me to have...

Now I am motivated to write better! YAY!

On my friends list I stumbled upon a real gem today, that I thought could bring Creepmas cheer to my readers. Everyone enjoys seasons greetings, and I found a spectacular one from our favorite Twilight-empty-eyed actress Kristen Stewart. She's such an amazing actress right? 

Now everything makes sense! I never knew how awesome Santa was! Why with his powers of Resurrection and all, HE'S JUST GOD IN DISGUISE! And here I thought he was evil. Shame on me.

I'm gonna go around town rubbing my belly now and see if people think I'm pregnant. Just to fuck with them. 

If this video doesn't creep you out well, I dunno what will.

And yes, I know she's not the REAL Kristen Stewart. The resemblance is uncanny no? 


  1. I almost sprayed my computer with milk and half-chewed Mini-Wheats. I hope you're happy. :P

  2. You are too naughty making fun of Twilight ;)! I dare not lest a mob of screaming tweeney boppers eggs my house. The video is so funny!

  3. That was brilliant! I'm going to take a break now and make some crap.

  4. @Phil: I AM HAPPY! You just made my day!

    @Lady M: Oh I am naughty. I know you're a new reader so you haven't seen my naughtiness in action until now, but trust me. I am on Santa's Naughty list twice over. ;)

    @Autumnforest: *bows* I may be naughty, but I know how to have a good time. And that's why I do it. :)

  5. That video is one screwed up mess of holiday fun!

  6. That video was funny but confused me ..was Kristen serious or joking..she was joking right..that was a parody on Christmas o.0..cuz if it was'nt ..then im more worried about Kristen Stewart then before

  7. That was awesome. Seriously though, I kinda like Kristen Stewart. She made a pretty kick-ass Joan Jett in The Runaways and Sean Penn thought she was good enough to cast her in Into The Wild, right? I just think playing Bella would make any actress look shitty.


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