Thursday, 18 August 2011

Kweeny's Krafts: Crayon Drawings!

When I say I'm gonna do something, I do it! While I was unpacking, I found my crayons and sat down to draw terribly awesome pictures! I did one for J.Astro from Screen Grab, because he guessed first my obvious derby name of Kweeny Todd. He was fun to draw:

I had so much fun drawing him I decided to show him some Kweeny brand love with my tongue:

I hope you feel super special now J. Astro!

And since I was feeling creative, I decided to join in the fun of ItsOnRandom's Promotion Contest! If you do something creative to promote her site, she might reward you with awesome! I had fun making them and that's what matters! Here's my contribution: 

I love her site. It's so wonderfully whimsical and well...RANDOM...with zombie's!

Pimping you in crayon Britnie! Old school love! 

Please ignore my red nose. I am suffering from Oregon Allergens my Canadian body wasn't prepared for. Yuck!


  1. Holy crap!! THAT PICTURE RULES!! And it is more "action" than I've received in quite some time, so thank you for that, as well. ;)

  2. the cool drawing reminds me of Walter Sobchak, so its extra cool

    Random Girl looks like some kind of superheroine.


  3. @J.Astro: Glad you like it hon. I scribbled that like I was 7 again. :)

    @The Zombie Hunter: LOL! You know, I can totally see both of those things in the pictures...sweet!

  4. That picture is soooo cool! I'd never be able to draw something like that! x_x Random Girl does look very heroic!

  5. Very cool drawings. Good job.


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