Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Back in Black! (With Red Highlights For Flavor)

Sorry for leaving you guys so long. I know I don't really have to apologize, this is my blog and I can do what I want with it. But I'm Canadian, we apologize for everything. Or so my American friends here keep teasing me about.

I'm suffering from some terrible allergies at the moment, so I won't be posting anything with substance just yet. I'll get on that next week and give my poor travel weary body a rest. Moving across country is one thing, moving across borders is a new level of hellish fun. Believe me. Just wanted to say hi to all the new readers! *waves* It's nice to come home online and see people are digging my blog. Makes me wanna write stuff real bad.

While I was gone I got accepted into the Horror Blogger Alliance! Which is pretty darn spiffy news to come home to. Thanks iZombie! I like making new friends.

I'm also thinking of becoming a Derby Ref while I practice skating. My Bear bought me some skates, helmet and pads to get me going.

My Purdy Skates!

 I have a small dream of becoming a Derby girl, but I need to re-learn to skate first. Being a Ref would definitely teach me the rules. It's gonna be fun stuff. Can you guess what I want my Derby name to be?

Go on...guess. I'll do a crayon drawing of the first person to guess right and post it on the blog. 

Now I'm off to go wreak havoc on an unsuspecting Oregon. Eugene and Springfield combined don't make up the population of Ottawa Ontario. It's crazy. I'm now a big city girl living in a small city world. It's FABULOUS!

See you soon Horror Peeps. *blows kisses*


  1. No FRIKKIN' way!!!

    I LOVE DERBY! Love it. Those skates are AWESOME, better than mine in fact. Good luck with the derby thing, and let me know which team you're going to be with! I'll be your FAN!

  2. uh... is it Kweeny Todd? Because that would be both super-obviuos AND verrrrry awesome and I would love a crayon drawing of me to appear on the blog! ;)

  3. @Robin: Aww thanks dude! I love Derby too. Have loved it for years but never had the time to get into it. Now that I do, and have my Bear inspiring me to go for it, I'm ready.

    You'll wave around signs for me while I rock the Derby world?

    @J. Astro: YOU WIN! Yes, it's totally obvious and I hope I can snag it. If someone steals it on me that would be a drag. I hope you have a pic somewhere so I can draw you in cartoon crayon goodness! :D

  4. Oh, Derby names are always so fun! They're like the names used in the WWF or something. :) Yeah, you already have the perfect name! Be careful with roller derby, it's pretty dangerous! At least where I am.

  5. I will be in the stands rooting you on! Go Kweeny!!

  6. I knew the answer ahead of time. :P

    And I think it's good that you're announcing your intentions beforehand, to give the rest of the roller derby community time to update their life insurance policies. ^__^


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