Friday, 9 September 2011

Kweeny Reviews...


Take Marvel super heroes. Put them in a blender. Add zombies. Eventually add a dash of Army of Darkness (and of course Ash-of-the-mighty-chin-Williams). Add amazing art. Blend well.

What do you get?

Something that should be an abomination but is totally BAD ASS.

Oh really Kweeny? Is it really that good?

Oh yes dear reader, it's that good. I have a few issues in my possession, but I haven't collected the whole series. I read a bunch though. And once you read them, like the zombie plague, your fucking hooked. While the stories in the series are not profound pieces that will make you weep, they are fun and damn awesome to read. The art is just fantastic. And watching your favourite heroes struggle with the conundrum of being hungry flesh-eaters is great! I can't begin to describe how awesome it is. Here, let me show you some:

Oh and did I mention they do an ARMY OF DARKNESS CROSSOVER? Yes, yes they do. 

The stories are pretty much super zombies eating everything, and fighting amongst themselves and making a fucking mess of things. But damn it, it's entertaining, gory, tongue-and-cheek at times and dudes seriously...


It's the same feeling I got when I saw this picture of Freddy fighting Wolverine.


When the world gives you winsauce, it doesn't have to make sense. It just is.

That's Marvel Zombies folks. The gods of awesome brought it forth and inspired mere mortals to create it for the hordes, so we can devour it's glossy pages of delicious brain-meats. I mean as both a Marvel fan and a zombie fan I am just giddy about this series. I get to see some of my favourite super heroes zombified! Like Dark Phoenix and Wolverine! 

Still not convinced? Then maybe Captain America can convince you: 

I just had to do a Pre-Zombie Walk post. I'm all excited about it. I keep missing actual Zombie Walks, so doing a Blog one is gonna be fun. For more info on Marvel Zombies read the wiki.


  1. I love the Marvel Zombies story line. Was a great read I think I got up to series 3 if I'm not mistaken. I really wanted to get a zombie Hulk tattoo after reading it too

  2. ZOMBIE MARVEL ROCKS!!! I love them, I've read quite a few now and enjoyed them all. I laughed at the little Runaways zombies haha awwww not so innocent now are they!

    And Slowdeath if you don't get a zombie hulk tattoo I'm going to be disappointed lol


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