Saturday, 8 October 2011

Day 08: Genre Talk: Horror Movie Theme Songs:

Who doesn't love a good horror movie this time of year? Music is important. And I think good horror music really makes a movie. It sets the atmosphere and hints at what we fear. Of course, bad movie music can turn a serious film into a hilarious mess. Take Ladyhawk for example. If you take the soundtrack off Ladyhawk it's a damn good movie. But it had too much 80's synth to make it hold up today. For crappy music in movies I tend to turn off the soundtrack and create my own music with my armpits. It sounds way better than the shite they are trying to push on me in the movie.

But this is not a crappy list. No, only the best for you readers. I bring you my favorite horror movie tunes to rock out to. Get your circle head banging ready! It's time to make everything metal and brutal! Blacker than the blackest black! Like coffee!

Hellraiser Theme – Coil:


For those of you that care...

Thanks Random Girl for the awesome random time! She's got a great zombie-licious blog! If you wish to learn more about my crazy ass, check out her "Get To Know Your Bloggers" for Friday! 

Also, I will be appearing on this weekends Fangirl Radio show, rambling like a dork about TV shows. And going on about Ron Perlman. It's what I'm good at after all. I wish they'd pay me the big bucks to be awesome all the time. Instead my husband feeds me ice cream gives me cuddles. I suppose that's payment enough...for now. Tune in on Saturdays at 10pm CST, with an encore presentation on Sundays at 9pm CST. 


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