Sunday, 9 October 2011

Day 09: In The Gory Kingdom We Go Walking In The Graveyards

I love graveyards. Just love them. It’s so peaceful to spend an afternoon just walking through the graveyard. Sometimes I bring flowers for random graves I feel are neglected. Just because I’m a stranger doesn’t mean I can’t show them some love and respect. I'm not the only one either who really loves the beauty of graveyards.

My friend Marlena Zaragoza was kind enough to let me post her pictures for my Halloween blogging of her recent graveyard shoot. She took a trip to California, and took some beautiful pictures.

"Colma California Cemetery has more dead folk taking up space in the city then the living. It is massive and beautiful. I was overjoyed and close to mania running around experiencing these burials. It takes up both sides of the Main Street with so many mausoleums." ~Marlena

There is a creepy elegance to this chair. With it's devil/angel motif. I like the cheekiness too of the demon.

It's important to mourn the dead in a mausoleum in comfort. So here's a chair to sit your weary bones in.

Don't mind the angel watching over you. It's just how they roll.

Outside of the mausoleum...

She was having a rough day. 

And those are some of my favourites from her photo collection. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Thank you Marlena for letting me show my readers. xoxox


  1. Wow, those are gorgeous! I totally want that angel-and-demon seat for my back patio. :D

    When I was younger, I wanted to be encased in a giant block of concrete when I died, to be carved with lots of stern, spooky or evil-looking faces.

  2. I love old cemeteries, too! My favourite is Highgate Cemetery, in London. I like them old, gothic, and with lots of ivy, trees, and statuary... Oh yeah, and high stone walls, and black wrought iron gates... sigh!

    It's nice that you leave flowers for some of the slumberers. I'm sure they appreciate it!! Your friend's photos are lovely.

  3. That seat was wicKED! Nice photos!

  4. Wonderful post. I attend a church - Grace Church.
    The reason I was drawn to this church is because she sits in the middle of a small cemetery and the
    door to the church is a large red wooden door.

    I have not been disappointed. The services are
    serene with sweet incense and choral hymns.

  5. Thanks to a Lying sack of "Crap" (Who at the time had a Badge...) I was charged of "felony grave desecration" from 1984 I was quite young at the time... I am no longer to step foot in any cemetery or graveyard for the rest of my life ......He went on to have me charged as a "Devil worshiping Body Snatcher" ...and in my little Southern church-based community , there is not much worse that could be said of me.....The Doctor

  6. I've gotten into graveyard photography the last few years. There is a haunting beauty to them - no pun intended.


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