Monday, 10 October 2011

Day 10: Canadian Content: Pinups for Cancer

I stumbled upon this artist through friends of mine who got him to draw pinup versions of themselves. He's a recent graduate from the same college I went to, and lives in my old stomping ground Ottawa. I went and checked out his stuff, and realized it wasn't just that he was drawing pinups for people. He was raising money for cancer. He charges reasonable rates, and will do male's or females.

So I sent him a reference of me and my husband, in our last year's Halloween getup as the bride and the monster of Frankenstein. If you haven't seen this picture here it is again for comparisons sake:

I also told the artist he could make me the cheeky one in the picture, as I know I'm the trouble maker out of the two of us. So he came up with this really fun image:

"This one jumped ahead a bit because it was so much fun. The lovely couple sent me an image of them at halloween with the comment make the woman a cheeky woman. So I had to play with it. Thank you so much" ~Jason Robichaud

Isn't it great? I love the fact he made me the short, feisty one. It's true to life! LOL!

If you want a fun pinup (and he can do any genre or request, not just horror) go check out his tumblr site. It's a great cause, and he's got talent! 

Also: Happy Thanksgiving My Canadian Peeps! 

My favourite part of Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie! Mmm pumpkin pie. My hubby is even gonna make me one because he's awesome and loves me. Good thing I only shock him with my button when he's good. He likes the attention. *wink*


  1. Thanks so much for the recent follow. Sorry it took so long for me to return the favor. *waves/ducks from the swinging blade*


  2. It happens. Glad you're following now. Welcome to the nut house. :D


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