Monday, 5 December 2011

Day 05 Kweeny Krafts Spider Snowflakes!


One of the things I like about Creepmas is being crafty. I like making things for people, as decorations or gifts when I'm not lazy and putting it off. I decided today I'd make some snowflakes. Not just any snowflakes though, I wanted to make some spiders. I love snowflakes, and I love the scene in Nightmare Before Christmas when Jack is trying his hand at them and keeps making spiders.

Well I decided to try my hand at it. I found a pattern on the web, (for those who don't wanna search themselves, here's the one I used.) and started making my snowflake spider army!

First I had to print out the pattern and cut off the access paper. 

Then I folded the paper in half, like so and started cutting...

Then I cut along the outside of the lines like this.

Next I had to do the more delicate cutting inside the pattern to make the body and legs. And once that was done, I had the finished product:

MY SPIDER ARMY! They will be legion! I think they are adorable, and very appropriate for Oregon. Oregon has many, many spiders, with big beautiful webs you gotta watch out for. I don't know if I am gonna color them in or leave them as is. I kinda like how they look. Maybe I'll stick them in my window and show them off for the world. My hubby just loves them, which makes me happy.

Stay tuned for more crazy crafting madness during Kweeny's Creepmas Countdown!


  1. Oh, your spider snowflakes are adorable! Love them!!!

  2. Your spider snowflakes are beautiful. I don't think they need color but perhaps some white, crystal glitter to make them shine. Where are you gonna hang them?

  3. How cute!!! I usually don't care for spiders but those spidery snowflakes made me fall in love!<3

  4. Just like Jacks! Those are great!

  5. Looks good!

    Great minds think alike...I wrote a similar post that shows the same tutorial that should post in a few days!

  6. Thanks all! I had fun making these little guys, and I put some on the sliding glass door in the back and some on the closet door. :)

    @Spooky Vegan: Great minds do think alike! I can't wait to see yours.


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