Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What's Kweeny Been Doing?

Sorry for the delay in posting, but my old laptop died a tragic death and I had to wait for a replacement. Also, I will admit, Diablo 3 has swallowed my soul and between that and Troma movies, I haven't been very productive...okay, maybe I am being productive. I have done a lot of film stuff too and started Pre-Production on my short film. So I should give myself SOME credit.

I will say I finally got a chance to watch Terror Firmer. A friend came by and hooked me up with his Troma collection. I only have a few Troma movies myself, stuff I bought at conventions. I usually just watch them on Netflix. Ah Netflix...You make watching movies so much easier.

So how is Terror Firmer? Can one really do a review of a Troma movie? Terror Firmer is a movie within a movie, within a cheese danish filled with blood, feces and puke. Also, the danish is shaped like a giant nipple, that just happens to explode. I say this with the utmost affection, because Troma is more often than not like a live-action cartoon for adults. They do what they do to make a point, to give a fuck you to the film industry BS. They also try to show people you can make art, even if others dont recognize it as such, on a small budget without big studio support. Do they ever go to far? I think they have to. Someone has to be extreme left when everyone else in Hollywood isn't.

In the end, Troma does it for the love. And we the fans can see that.

I'm also reading Make Your Own Damn Movie, by Lloyd Kaufman. I'm on a Troma kick at the moment. I really like nipple shaped, gore covered danishes it seems. They are a nice escape from the sick I have been feeling too. (stupid allergies!) It's a really funny book, and even though it's entertaining as hell, it doesn't distract from actually giving solid film advice. Of course Lloyd himself would tell you to just make the  movie. Don't listen to him or anyone. it's your project. You make it shine. And he's right. Still, I find his book very inspiring and helpful while I get my feet wet in the kiddie pool of filmmaking.

And in closing, here's a couple videos of my favourite character classes I play on D3. RAWR!

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  1. I am glad you're back! My laptop almost died on me as well. I had a panic attack. lol


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