Friday, 28 September 2012


In a couple days THE MADNESS BEGINS!

I've written about THE MADNESS already, but if case you are still confused as to what the hell I'm going on about I'll explain a little:

HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MARATHON MADNESS: Classic Creatures and Vampire Features! is a contest run by the ever talented Elizabeth Katheryn Gray. I stumbled upon the group earlier in the year and figured, "What the heck! This could be fun!" There are a whole ton of rules to it, but in general the premise is you watch as many horror, genre or Halloween themed films and TV shows as you can without going blind before Halloween! There are specific points for certain types of films, and some films are wild cards and not classified as horror, but get you points. All and all, you watch as much crazy shit as possible and hope you do better than the other crazy people playing.

And there is a lot of awesome people playing.

For the curious, my team name for THE MADNESS is Slither! Friggen awesome! One of my teammates even made us a banner:

So I will be posting all month long. Some of my posts may be my simple updates on what I've watched. It won't be the only Halloween stuff I do on the blog, as I am doing the Halloween Countdown again this year and a couple book tours, but I am sure watching me slowly go insane with all the consumption of horror I will ingest will be entertaining. If I can get my camera up I may even record clips of me watching some of these films. ;)

Also, I'm part of the Fright Meter Awards Committee so I will be judging a few films there! Exciting!

I love October! :D

In closing I shall play Team Slither's theme song: 

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