Friday, 5 October 2012


So I got to do a little Halloween shopping today, and picked up a few things from Target, The local crafts store and the Spirit of Halloween Store! YAY! I hope to buy more stuff as the month progresses and as funds allow, but I think we didn't do too shabby. His Lordship helped me put together a little video to showcase our goodies!  I'm a friggen dork on camera! LOL!

Also I'm doing a couple Clive Barker films today for the Marathon in honor of his birthday! Happy 60th Birthday Clive! He's been a huge influence on many of us horror and fantasy geeks, and I know personally I would not be who I am without his works influencing me. He's one of my all time favourite writers for sure. 

So, anybody else got a sweet haul of Halloween goodies yet?


  1. XD I have the same nail polish in black that I bought... 6 years ago from them, that stuff lasts forever. I want to take the kids out there when we get some money, it's hilarious, my oldest is afraid of the animation zombies :) good times. I need face paint for the kids, plus they have the coolest socks usually too, HAVE to get some more TNBC socks... --Trish

  2. Nice haul! LOVE the tombstone nail polish bottle!!


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