Sunday, 2 December 2012

Creepmas 02: Needful Tree Things...


So I do not have a Christmas tree (at the moment) but that doesn't mean I don't want one. I think they are beautiful honestly and know a bit about their pagan origins, so I appreciate what they represent. And while I don't need or want some giant, behemoth of a beast taking up half my small living room, I would love to have a little, dark, monster tree of my very own. Perhaps one of these years I will gather enough funds to create my Monster-Tree, but until then, a ghoul can dream.

So I figured I'd show you some of the inspiration I have collected while brainstorming what my Monster-Tree might look like! There are some neat and creative trees out there, so I got lots to use as imagination-fuel. We weird kids can make any holiday creepy can't we? Here's a couple of my favs...

Here is an adorable, simplistic little tree with a screaming Jack Skellington head at the top made by discordianightmare! I really love the design! It's a small tree too so it won't try to swallow my living room! Maybe I can add a monster here or there, or Lock, Shock and Barrel ornaments.

Here's a couple cute tree ideas! I don't have any furry pets running around here, so I could have a tree with spider webs and not worry! That's actually a neat idea. But I do love the silver tree with black birds. I have a fondness for the black feathered critters.

This is a really neat idea for a tree! No fussing with needles! I love the swirly metal, but I think I would have red ornaments instead of the teal. Not really a fan of teal. I found this little gem on Etsy actually! You can buy them here!

I LOVE this crazy tree! It screams Halloween, while still being a Christmas tree! It's awesome! In all probability, I can see myself making something sorta like this. Maybe with more black and red in the mix and some horror-esk ornaments. It's still pretty cool with it's Halloween theme!

Here's an amazing gnarly tree I stumbled upon through Pandora's Parlor!  She did an awesome post on Gothic Rose Antiques, and I saw this tree and it wooed me. Seriously. I am in lust with it. The only thing I would change is the gold ornaments. I'd probably add some red ones, a couple little monsters, maybe a razor blade ornament somewhere. I really need one of those don't you think?

With a couple pirate ornaments, a razor here or there, maybe some movie monsters dangling from branches, I hope to make my own monstrosity of a tree to celebrate with. Maybe next Creepmas I will have one to show you! If you got any awesome dark trees to share, please do! More inspiration is awesome!


  1. put a color wheel in front of that silver one and omg i would squee!!

  2. Wonderful Christmas post dear Lady... And I really like the "gnarled" tree as well ..Cool.... a very happy Holiday season to you and yours...

  3. Loved the blog -- great ideas for trees!


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