Monday, 4 February 2013

Kweeny Gets Canadian Love!

I love my friends, all over the world. I am lucky to have touched so many people, and have them touch me. Especially those that live where I call home. When I get care packages from Canada, from Ontario specifically, I get warm fuzzies. Heeeee...

One of my awesome friends from Ottawa (which for those curious is where I pretty much grew up and spent most my years when I lived in Canada) sent me the most amazing late Creepmas package! She even sent me stationary, stamps, a sketchpad, pens and envelopes so I can send home art and letters. That is very cunning of her! She said the box was late because she just kept finding stuff to add to it. LOL! Nothing in it is truly horror related, but if you are curious what makes a Canadian squee when she is far from home, keep reading. I will show you:

As you know from several posts I have made, and the video I made when my awesome friend (different one) sent me a Halloween package with candy, that I love these fucking candies. Especially the Coffee Crisp. There really isn't anything like them in America. Not that I have found anyhow. I even have enough to share...if I can let them go long enough. *snicker*

I got this adorable card too with everything. She really does express my emotions about Creepmas well.

Mmm some tasty Lindt chocolate bars. Such delicious flavours too! 

Wooo! Gotta be KD bitches! Canadian Mac and Cheese! 

EMRERGED! TIMMIES COFFEE! (And I laughed at the Starbucks mug she added with it.)

And this is the remnants of the Kinder Eggs she sent. Sadly Customs fears these things, and thinks little kids will choke on them. Don't they know I put dangerous things in my mouth all the time? I can take a little Kinder Egg.

And those are the awesome things my friends from home sent me, reminding me that no matter how far away I am, I am loved and have some awesome packmates. I love you guys. <3

Okay, I'm done being mushy, I'll be back with a Women In Horror post Sunday. 


  1. That first pic reminds me of a conversation so funny, I didn't mind waiting in line to figure out how it would get resolved. An American tourist was trying to order a Dairy Queen Blizzard with M&Ms. The kid behind the counter kept asking if Smarties were OK, and the guy couldn't fathom how the kid thought Smarties and M&Ms were even close to one another.

    Living on the border, I understood the difference between the two Smarties. but apparently I was the only one. The guy ended up giving up in disgust and walking out, with kid having unable to understand why he was so picky! LOL

  2. So happy for you that you got a care package from The Great White North. I agree, there's nothing like Canadian candy -- and I am SO drooling over your Tim Horton's coffee!!!!

  3. Awesome. I've had the cocoa version of the Coffee Crisp before and that shniz is amazing.


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