Saturday, 5 October 2013

Day 05: NEEDFUL THINGS: Halloween Haul #1

I had the chance to go thrift store shopping yesterday to begin to hunt for Beetlejuice costuming. I failed in my search, but I did find some treats! A Kweeny loves treats to decorate her Gory Kingdom with!

So this is my current haul so far. I got the cup at Wallgreens, and the rest from thrift store shopping today.
As you can see, I love these little trays. You can use them for more than just ice cubes, and I already owned the skull one. So I had to get pumpkins to go with it! 
This is my full rubber duckie collection, with the members added in. As you can see, I have a thing for rubber duckies. I don't even know when it started, but I've been collecting them for years. So when I saw the cute little Halloween ones, I had to get them. These usually live in the bathroom.

My Jack Skellington cup is pretty awesome. The bottom technically glows too with purple lights, but that doesn't show up on camera. Plus I think it needs new batteries. I MAY have played with it too much. 
You are probably wondering about this's not for my Beetlejuice costume, but it is for a drag king costume I have created recently. His name is Todd and he has a Wario porn 'stache. *snicker*
AND MY FAVORITE PIECE SO FAR! The bats are sparkly and match my hair! Fuck yeah I had to buy them! I pretty much put these on my head in the store and didn't take them off. My friend who went with us got a pink pair of bats so now we are bat sisters.
And that is my current Halloween Haul! I am sure I will have more before the month is out, and while I was unsuccessful finding stuff for my Beetlejuice costume, I did find some neat things so I didn't go home empty handed! The hunt for Beetlejuice costume pieces continues...


  1. Love it all, especially the Skellington cup and the bats-in-your-hair! Yay for Halloween stuff! :-)


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