Sunday, 6 October 2013


Here's my start for the MADNESS. I had a friend comment on the "dedication" I have for doing this thing even though I don't even get points for it. I figure I am being a role model for my team by participating alongside them. Maybe my daily examples will help others when they write up their weekly summaries. By all means, you don't have to put as much detail into your summaries as I have a tendency to ramble and not always about what I am watching! A sentence or two is usually enough, as long as your Bonus Points and Wild Cards are mentioned specifically. I didn't do any Wild Cards today, but I did do a few with Bonuses in them, and I will describe those in my post.

So here's my small contribution for the day. Hopefully I can get more movies in tomorrow and won't be as distracted as I was today. Today I enjoyed some awesome Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and Angry Orchard Cinnful Cider while I made character sheets with friends for a Thulu/mecha game my husband will be running for us! Multitaking like a boss!

CANNIBAL: THE MUSICAL! (95 mins/1993)

Kweeny's Rating: Hang The Bastard!

Summary: So this movie OBVIOUSLY has cannibalism in it, thus if I was playing the game I'd get bonus points for that. If our theme was about horror musicals, I'd get points there too but alas. Yes, there is music in this, and terrible effects, as it is a Troma film. It's also one of the first things the South Park guys did, so if you your a fan, this might be an interesting curiosity for you. Plus, it's hilarious.

RE-ANIMATOR (95 mins/1987)


Summary: Bonus points for full frontal nudity. And I mean A LOT OF IT. The majority of people who get brought back are naked, there is re-animated wing wang among other gential bits, and even a really badly done It's one of my husbands favorites, and while I am not completely sure why that is, I have to admit it is a fun movie.

PUMPKINHEAD (86 mins/1998)

Kweeny's Rating: That's not Peter Pumpkinhead!

Summary: No Bonuses in this one, but it does star Lance Henriksen, whom I love. And I needed some extra cheese to go with my dairy today. I love this movie. Who doesn't love a movie with a demon who raises from a pumpkin patch to be a vengeance spirit? It's worth at least a point to subject yourself to this.

MST3K POD PEOPLE (97 mins/1991)


Summary: If it wasn't for the gang of MST3K, I probably would never, EVER watch this film. Okay, that's not entirely true. If I was told to review it, or convinced myself I had to, then maybe. This film they watch, is complete crap. I guess I just needed to start my movie marathon with lighter fair so I didn't burn myself out on all the crazy shit I have lying on the floor near my TV. Oh well. No bonus points here, but it was something that could be turned on in the background while some friends and I made character sheets for my husbands Tabletop game. 

And that's it for today! Stay tuned to see what I subject myself to tomorrow! 

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  1. There are lots - maybe most - MST3K movies that are really unwatchable without Mike or Joel and the bots!


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