Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 07: It's Goth Chick Appreciation Day!

Of course I am putting this down as a momentous occasion in my Halloween Countdown...I'm a fucking GOTH CHICK DAMN IT!

Plus, I think it's appropriate to have such an occasion during this month. People are generally more tolerant of the "strange and unusual" around October, probably because they can tell themselves it's just for this month and then normalcy will return. Of course for the truly strange, that's not the case. We weird bitches are weird all year around!

So if you happen to be or know of a smart, fun, and macabre goth chick who needs some appreciation today, show them this video. All my fellow Gothic ladies need to be shown love for all the bullcrap we put up with from stares, questions, assaults and downright rude behavior of people who just can't get over the fact we are different. Foamy the Squirrel has our backs.


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