Sunday, 20 October 2013

Day 20: Kweeny Does Corn Mazes and Pumpkins!

Today was a lovely day filled with Halloween Harvest adventure. It's not everyday I get to do this part of the holiday, as I am not usually located near to any farm. Being a big city girl most of my life meant I missed out on certain things, like the joy of walking through a corn maze or guying ridiculously cheap pumpkins and gourds. But today me dear friend took me to one, and I had some low key fun. Of course, if we do decide to go back at night when it's a HAUNTED corn maze, I may have to restrain myself from not jumping the first chainsaw-wielding maniac I see.

We of course took special care to pick the prefect pumpkins to bring home. Here is my friend hugging some pumpkins because she is so happy to see them. They were huge too!
And here I am inspecting them to make sure I find the prefect pumpkin for my evil deeds. 
Here is my friend cradling one she loves like a foundling child. Aww...I think we ended up bringing home a couple little ones because they were so cute.
This is me pretending to be a creepy witch with this pumpkin, because I like making people around me uncomfortable.
My friend saw the goats they kept in a pen and had to bond with them. She called the black one Baphomet.
Our shadows looked pretty neat int he corn maze! 
Ever so helpful, the Kweeny tries to lead her pal out of the maze...but manages to make sure we get deeper in.
I loved the match of alien-looking gourds! This one I think reminded me of a face-hugger.
And here are all the monster gourds! THEY WILL DEVOUR US WHOLE!

Stay tuned for pictures of the pumpkins I did get, and have gotten, once I start vivisecting them for my carving massacre! *cackles madly*


  1. The pumpkins are glorious - the orange ones at least. I've never seen white pumpkins before, but they look kinda sad with no color. I hope you got to go to the haunted version of the maze; it sounds like fun. Since I live so far away, I don't get to see pumpkins (whether big, small, or white) or celebrate Halloween, so I appreciate all the pics. :-)


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